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How to Build a Successful Blog

How to Build a Successful Blog

The blogosphere is always changing, like the web itself, and you need to keep up with those changes to stay relevant and maintain interest from your target audience. If you’ve noticed that you’re not getting the blog stats you expect you might be missing a trick when it comes to modern practice. Take a look at the list below and decide on a suitable way to improve your blog and take it forward. 

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Define Your Strategy 

If you don’t have an effective strategy for your blog chances are it will lack a core concept and target audience. This could be a big problem, especially if you’re running a business blog and trying to drive traffic to sell a product or service. 

Before you start writing your latest piece ask yourself who you are writing for, what is your target customer persona, and what action do you want them to take. Defining your writing goals is the first step to reaching them and making your blog work count. 

Get to the Point 

If you don’t have a point to your blog writing then nobody will read it, not unless you have a talent for purple prose writing that readers can’t tear their eyes from. Since this is unlikely, and probably undesirable as well, you need an engaging point to work with. 

You need to present the point as early as possible so your readership knows what to expect from the blog and whether they want to continue reading. Remember relevance is everything, and you want readers interested in what you have to say. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has changed over the years but it hasn’t gone away, and likely never will. If your blog isn’t optimised for SEO it’s time to get started. An effective SEO strategy will improve your search ranking, make you more relevant to your target audience and improve the conversion rates of your business.

The main factors to consider when creating an SEO blog piece is the title, keywords, subject quality and relevant. You want all of these things to line up as accurately as possible so the search engine knows its quality content and ranks it highly. Click here for more information on how to optimize your SEO. 

Include Links 

The last time Google changed its SEO algorithm it included backbones as an optimizing actor. This means that if a website links to yours the search engine will recognise it as a sign of quality and rank it higher. Backings have become an important aspect of SEO strategy. 

But how do you get those valuable backings? How can you appeal to other bloggers and brands so they link to you as a resource. One way is to create top quality content, such as software for payroll. The content should be the best resource for your subject, another way is to reach out. Share the content of tour target blogs and offer a guest posting service. 

Content, not Copy

Content is changing and no one wants to read blocks of copy that’s written for an offline audience; nor do they want to read copy that’s too promotional or that tries too hard. Roll with the times, create engaging blog copy that includes images, gifs, video, and games. Write authentically and ensure you’re providing value to your target audience. 

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