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How To Ensure Your Home Is a Relaxation Haven

How To Ensure Your Home Is a Relaxation Haven

Finding Time To De-Stress

This past year in particular the majority of us have been spending a lot of time at home. But if you are working from home or homeschooling your children as well, it is also important for your own mental wellbeing that you separate your working space to your relaxation space particularly if this is being conducted in the same room. You need to be able to switch off from working mode in order to allow yourself mentally and physically to be able to relax and recuperate, otherwise the two worlds begin to merge as one. 

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Gentle Exercises 

Even if you are not a fitness fanatic and the idea of doing strenuous workout regimes is unappealing, it does not need to be like that. Doing some gentle yoga exercises allows you to stretch out your body and to maintain a sense of calm mentally. Studies have demonstrated how Yoga can be beneficial in reducing levels of stress and feelings of depression by decreasing levels of cortisol. 

Upgrade and Renovate Any Necessary Rooms

Now would be the ideal opportunity to do any house renovations whilst you are at home to supervise them. When you need to undergo any renovation works in your home, you will need some professional advice from The Survey House beforehand, to ensure that any building works you have planned, fall in line with current laws and legislations. 

Bring Some Plants and Flowers Indoors

Having indoors plants and flowers can instantly lift your mood and brighten up the room. It also enables you to take care and gives you something to focus on for a few moments each day. Another benefit of having indoor plants can surprisingly help work productivity as they are considered to help lower blood pressure and improve general well-being. 

Spending Time Doing Non-Screen Time Activities

You will most likely be spending most of the day either looking at a laptop screen for zoom meetings, scrolling through your phone on social media and staring at a tv screen in the evening to watch something on Netflix. 

Having a bit of time away from screens is very important to enable your eyes to rest to have good sleep each night. Too much screen time can have adverse effects, such as headaches, eye strain, neck/back pain and even disrupt a child’s developmental stages, when using too much each day from a young age. 

A lot of people probably do not think about the negative benefits as technology has become such a prominent part of everyday life now, particularly during this pandemic. Doing things you enjoy away from these screens will break up this monotonous routine, whether it is reading a book, painting, drawing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, sewing, rearranging the contents of a cupboard or drawer, anything that will get you away from the screen for an hour or so a day is a good way to start. 

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