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How to Make the Perfect Playroom For Your Kids

How to Make the Perfect Playroom For Your Kids

Do you have a spare room, or even a corner, that you would just love to transform? If you’ve got young kids, a playroom might be your dream scenario. It’s somewhere you can keep all the toys, gadgets, and dress-up box out of the way. But more importantly, it’s a special space just for your kids. A place where they can express themselves and have loads of fun! Here are some hints and tips to build the playroom of your kids’ dreams. 

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

The walls and floors 

It’s no secret that kids love bright colours! Consider painting the walls in their favourite colours. You could even add some stencilled artwork of their best-loved animals or cartoon characters, or hang pictures on the wall. You could get hold of some chalkboard paint from Wilko and let the kids scribble all over the walls. For once, it’ll wash right off. For the floor, you most likely want a surface that’s easy to clean. If possible, go for lino or wood, since a carpet will end up with stains. If the play area is in the corner of the living room, you could use some inter-locking foam floor tiles or a large play mat. 


The furniture you add will depend on the types of activities your kids love to do. A low table and chairs can be ideal for painting and crafts. Bean bags are always a favourite with kids since they are sensory as well as comfortable. You could also add a rocking chair or an extra comfy sofa for storytime. Brightly coloured and versatile furniture is always a good idea, like these colourful interlocking ottomans from Crown Furniture. You’ll need plenty of bookshelves too, as story time never goes amiss. 

Dress up and drama 

A dress-up box is an absolute must for every child’s playroom! Get a diverse range of costumes and clothes in there, and don’t forget extra fun things like wigs, masks and maybe even makeup. You don’t need to spend a lot on outfits. Most kids will be perfectly content with some of your old clothes and some fun items from the second-hand shop. It’s all about imagination! If you have room, add a mini raised platform to function as a stage. You could even include a disco ball or a bead curtain for some extra excitement. An easy to use music player will give them hours of fun. 

Board games and crafts

Once you’ve got a child-size table in there, you’ll want to give them plenty of things to use it for. Kids love anything arts and crafts, but the messier, the better! Things like papier mache, googly eyes and glitter all go down a treat. Plus finger painting, drawing and making collages. A well-stocked arts and crafts box is an absolute must. 

If your kids enjoy board games, you’ll want to stock up on those, too. There’s no need to break the bank though. Board games can be pricey, and kids tend to stick to just a few favourites anyway. Why not scour eBay, car boot sales and charity shops for some great deals? Just make sure all the pieces are still there. 

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