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Keeping Your Pool In The Best Condition

Keeping Your Pool In The Best Condition

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool on your property, then you’re one step closer to having that dreamy outdoor living area that so many want and work for. However, the work doesn’t stop when you have a pool, as you might be starting to realise. Any appliances or areas that use running water require maintenance and the pool is no different. So, what do you have to do to take care of it?

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Getting rid of the dirt and debris

Cleaning the pool manually is going to play a big role in maintaining the overall health of the pool. That that end, a good tele-pole as shown at sites like Globo Surf is going to play a big role, as you can fit nets, wet vacuum heads, and leaf gulpers onto it, running it over the pool’s surface on a regular basis to keep things clean. However, there are also parts of the pool that help to clean it automatically, and you should check these to make sure they’re not getting clogged up, such as the skimmer basket and the hair and lint pot.

Get chemical with it

Your pool will require a range of chemicals to keep it clean and safe to swim in. It’s easier than you might think to ensure that this balance is right, as there are pool chemical test strips you can get. These should be used at least every week while the pool is in use. The most critical part of keeping the water safe is maintaining the pH level. Chlorine helps with this but there are different chemicals you can use to manage the chlorine level, too, which should all be available at your nearest pool store.

Keep that water moving

Perhaps the most important part of keeping the pool clean is to ensure that water is being circulated through it regularly. This is, of course, the role that the pump plays. However, pumps can start to slow down or become less efficient due to simple wear and tear over time, so it’s important to work with professionals like Slater Pumps who can check and service yours at least once a year. If you need to replace it, it’s better to do it sooner than later so the condition of the water doesn’t deteriorate too much.

Mind the pool’s structure

Over time, the walls and floors of the pool can weaken. This can lead to contamination from the materials in the walls and even the soil itself. Check the pool for weakened walls and for cracks. If you spot any of these, then you may need to work with a local pool installation specialist to make the repairs and ensure that the structure and boundaries of the pool are working as they should.

If you don’t care for your pool, it will very quickly become unfit to swim in. Keep the above maintenance tasks in mind and make sure you have the electronics of the pool, such as the pumps, checked on a scheduled basis.