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Matching Your Shoes With Your Bags – Not So Difficult Anymore

Matching Your Shoes With Your Bags – Not So Difficult Anymore

It’s old-school, but still quite trendy. Besides making you look great, it satisfies the idea of careless fashion without taking the ‘care’ out of it. You may mix and match your top and bottom wear to create a vibrant appeal. But if you match your shoes with your handbag, it will tone down the oddity without compromising on the vibrancy. 

Here’s how to do it effortlessly:

Focus on the shades

The foremost thing that you should do is, pay attention to the colors you choose for your shoes and that of your bag should match it, if not entirely but mostly. For example, if you choose to don brown boots, you should pick a bag of the same (or similar) shade. The difference, if any, should be such that it’s not noticeable from a distance. 

However, if you wish to carry a bag of dual or multiple shades, match the dominating color with that of your shoes. You can also pick an entire color palette to create some uniqueness in your appearance. Like, you can don a pastel bag with pastel-toned shoes and finish it off by donning a solid-colored outfit. 

Don’t be afraid to make a statement

No matter what kind of clothing you’re into, whether it’s barbie girl-esque or gothic-clothing, there’s nothing wrong with making a statement. However, since these kinds of looks are bold, you may need to rethink your accessories so there isn’t too much going on. If you’re going for a gothic look, for example, doc-marten style shoes are all the rave, so you probably won’t need that statement handbag.

Choose the materials wisely 

The best way to match your bag with your shoes is to choose similar materials for both of them. That means the leather will go best with leather and faux leather, while the colorful totes will match your flip-flops perfectly. 

Likewise, if you want to wear suave boots, you should pick a suave or velvet bag to create the best match. Are you into sequins and other decorative materials? Pick embellished sandals or tiptoes to go with your designer totes. You can also check out the latest fashion trends here and match your accessories accordingly. The stylists at JustFab opines that the more you explore, the better your chances will be in finding the right materials for your shoes and handbags. 

Complete or partial match

You should also know when to opt for a complete match and when to go for partial matches to keep your appearance from being too careful. Don’t forget, careless fashion is in, and you shouldn’t look like you have made an effort to get dressed. So, you can just pick one color from your outfit or your stylish bag and keep that shade in mind while buying your shoes. As it won’t be the same tone, you won’t fall on the radar of fashion police for deliberate matches. 

Know when to tone down and what

If you’re into statement accessories, you should know how to go about your handbags and shoes to reduce clutter in your appearance. Match an understated bag with an overstated pair of stylish shoes and vice versa. Let’s suppose you want to turn some heads with your statement bag. You should try slipping on a pair of casual sneakers or slip-on to tone it down. But if you want to go for those gorgeous heels, your bag should almost be unnoticeable. 

So, if you want to match them, be confident, and recreate traditional fashion in your way. And if you don’t want to match, you can just touch the shade or pick the same material for your accessories to look fashionable without much effort. Fashion trends evolve each day, and you should have the basic idea of what to wear and how to stay in vogue for the most time. 

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