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How to Make Your Office More Welcoming

How to Make Your Office More Welcoming

We are living in an ever changing world but there is one thing that is always constant and that is the fact that the atmosphere of your place of work has an impact on the morale of the clients and the output of your staff. If you have an unhappy team, or you have clients who are reluctant to come into your office, then you need to start looking at your entrance and whether or not you are welcoming enough. 

Your business is going to thrive on a good reputation, and the happier that people are, the more they want to visit you. From the reception desk to the plants you have in the corner, you need to ensure that your entries to your office are going to really hit the spot and leave a good impression. With that in mind, here are some of the ways that you can make your office a more welcoming place to be.

Consider the layout

You want to create an environment in which both your employees and your clients will find fun and warm. It should be an attractive office layout that makes them think that your business means business when they walk through the door. Having a picnic table for a reception desk, or having fluorescent lighting that makes everybody look drained and tired isn’t going to help. Instead, you need to consider the arrangement of your office and whether you have the right reception layout so that people feel welcome when they come in the door.

Think about your colour palette

A simple coat of paint can really change the mood. If you are using the colors that are related to your brand, you are going to do better than most! You want to be aware of the colors that you are using in your work, so if you’re going to have a garish reception area it’s not going to make people feel welcome or comfortable, it’s going to be too loud.

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Think about artwork

Invest in some artwork. Sometimes, art can show that you’re a business that means business. It shows that you are smart about your investments, and it proves that you are the kind of business who is more creative. If you have a creative team on board, artwork can make a strong statement. It can also help you to define your space and give your team nearby ideas for new projects. Clients will be much happier to come to your office as a result.

Bring nature inside

We talked about having plants in your reception area, and you should really consider it. Plants make people feel happy and it has a good effect on mental health and state of being. It’s a good way to make your office feel warm and inviting, so if you have plants in pots or you have fresh flowers, make sure you are investing in the impressive kind! Large glasses of fresh blooms look fantastic on the reception desk, and climbing plants look great in the corner. You can make them look even better with the right uplighters!

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