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Personalized Cart Door Mat Review

Personalized Cart Door Mat Review

A little while back I was contacted by Jim from personalizedcart.com with the chance to review one of their items. As always with reviews, I was thrilled to browse through their plethora of items that you’re able to personalise. While there was some amazing items such as mugs, keychains, and pocket knives, I decided to go for a personalised door mat as ours was looking a little run down.

I let Jim know and he welcomed me to personalise the door mat to my preference. I thought long and hard about what to put on the door mat because in our household, we’ve got three different surnames so it could be difficult choosing which one to go onto the door mat. After a little thinking, I decided to go down the route of using a quote from my favourite TV show at the moment – Once Upon A Time (OUAT)



For those that don’t know, OUAT is a show based around fairytale characters in the real world. It’s a seven series show that’s packed full of incredible adventures with some amazing characters. Mr Pie and I absolutely love the character Rumpelstiltskin who is famously played by the amazing Robert Carlyle, and one of his most famous quotes from the show is “Hello Dearie…” (hence the wording on the door mat).

I emailed Jim back with the wording that I wanted, and within a few weeks guess what landed on my doorstep (pun intended)? I was thrilled to open and use our new door mat and immediately I noticed how good of quality the mat is. It’s a thick pile and hard bristle door mat that does a perfect job in removing dirt and debris from our shoes. I was initially worried about the lettering coming off as I’ve seen some door mats that have done this. However, so far the lettering still looks as good as new, with no signs of deterioration!

Overall I am really pleased with our new door mat and the service provided by personalised cart, so I’d definitely recommend using them if you’re looking for a personalised gift for one of your loved ones. Or, a brand new door mat like we’ve got!

Thanks to the team at Personalizedcart for allowing me to do a review for you!

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