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How to Get Your Startup to Be Taken More Serious

How to Get Your Startup to Be Taken More Serious

There’s something a tad conflicting with startups. On the one hand, they represent how the little guy can make it big thanks to their dedication and wonderful work ethic. But on the other hand, thanks to past news on startups and frauds (such as Theranos), they’re looked down on. Plus, there are a lot of stereotypes, such as overworking, underpaying, beer on tap, and ping pong tables surrounded by neon lights. 

The genericness mixed in with past cased can leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. So, if you’re running a startup, how can you ensure that it’s taken seriously? Here’s what you need to know!

Be knowledgeable

If you want to take your startup seriously, you need to know your industry. This means you need to read up on the latest trends, research your competitors and find out about any new products coming to market. You need to constantly stay updated, appear confident, and ensure that your team is doing the same. Being knowledgeable also helps you understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses. You can then use your knowledge to improve yourself and your company.

Does it look professional?

Does your startup appear to be professional? While it’s fine if the office has those generic startup tropes like a foosball table and a whiteboard, what really matters is how professional the brand, product, and employees are. For instance, your startup will be vastly taken more seriously if you were to team up with VFFS and have the proper packaging on your products, whether it be food, beauty products, clothes, or anything else.


Stay honest

Getting your startup to be taken seriously requires you to be a credible and trustworthy person. You have to do this by being honest and being a good listener. In fact, why not allow your business to be completely transparent? Remember, there is now a not-so-great opinion on startups thanks to the numerous stories circulating. But you don’t have to be one of those companies; you’re not one of those. Make sure you stay honest, be transparent, and never deceive. It’s truly as simple as that; this honesty will make your business credible and trustworthy.

You and your business needs to be humble

Humility is a very important quality that helps you make your startup a success. It makes you a likable person and opens the door for you to communicate with people of all backgrounds. Don’t try to be the next big thing or coin yourself as the “next Elon Musk”; you can do better than that! A humble leader understands the importance of listening to others and values everyone on his team. He also doesn’t put his employees down and doesn’t claim credit for their accomplishments. People, regardless of industry, have a strong distaste for those who are not humble, so be aware and ensure this is in your company culture. 

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