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Staying Cool In The Summer Heat

Staying Cool In The Summer Heat

If you’ve been as lucky as me, you’ve had a lovely three days experiencing some well deserved sunshine. The problem with us Brits is that we complain that we need some sun, and as soon as we get it we’re moaning that it’s too hot. Well, not me. As a psoriasis sufferer, the sun’s rays do nothing but help my skin, so I’m out in it as much as I can. However, I do understand why it can be difficult to function when the sun is glaring down on you. Want to enjoy the sun but not feel sweaty and muggy? Follow these tips on staying cool in this summer(ish) heat.


One of the biggest let downs that we have is our clothing. We’re so used to cold to vaguely mild weather that we are always prepared with thicker clothing – even the t-shirts that we wear! The best type of clothing that you can wear in this heat is cotton as it allows the skin to breath and also any breeze to easily pass through and keep you cool. So, whenever possible make sure that you’re wearing cotton, or at least lighter clothing so that you can let your body breathe as much as possible and avoid becoming a hot, sweaty mess.


I know better than anyone the temptation of running to the nearest beer garden as soon as the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, but the problem there is that alcohol is extremely dehydrating to our bodies and skin. Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t head for a nice cold pint or two in the sun, I’m just saying that before, after, and between drinks you should treat yourself to a glass of water. Not only will it help keep you hydrated, but it will help keep you cool too.


Call me captain obvious, but sitting in the direct sun isn’t going to do you any favours if you’re already too hot. You can still get yourself a tan if you’re sat in the shade, and you can also avoid getting sunstroke. The first day that this beautiful sunshine was with us I was stupid enough to be in the sun all day and give myself a horrible case of sunstroke. We’re not used to this much heat, so make sure that you’re taking regular breaks from the sun so that you can rejuvenate and give your body a rest.

Water fun

No matter how old you are, there’s always room for some fun with water. If you’ve got the kid’s paddling pool out then why not have a little splash and keep cool in the summer heat? Get the water guns out and have a water fight in the garden. When you’re watering the plants, have some fun and splash each other. Anything to try and cool your core body heat down will help you feel more comfortable against the beating sun rays.


I’m so pleased that it looks like summer is finally making its appearance this year, and I’m now more excited than ever to be going abroad! Remember that in the sun you should always wear sufficient sunscreen and to pop hats on to protect your eyes. Most of all, enjoy the weather while it lasts!


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