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Could Teaching be Your Perfect Career?

Could Teaching be Your Perfect Career?

Trying to find a new career can be challenging. Trying to decide what you want to do is hard at any age, and as you get older and have more responsibilities, changing your career can feel even more difficult. If you are currently working in a role that does not bring you job satisfaction, you may be considering a change. However, you may need help deciding what to do next. With so many options to consider, the choice of careers available can seem overwhelming.

One career option that is well worth considering is teaching. Many teaching jobs are available right now, ranging from permanent roles to those offered by a supply teaching agency. But the big question is, is teaching the right job for you? 

Working as a teacher is not something that everyone can do. Teaching requires a unique mix of skills and is definitely more of a vocation than just a job. Here are some of the skills and qualities that you will need to be a great teacher:


Being a teacher will require you to juggle many different tasks simultaneously, so excellent organisation skills are vital. Being able to manage your time effectively so that you can balance planning lessons, marking books, and preparing your classroom can be challenging. Being organised is also essential to help you get the best outcomes for each of your pupils. Tracking the progress of your students and tailoring your lessons to get the best out of each child is time-consuming work, so you will need to manage your time carefully to give each child this level of attention. But, if you love to be organised and have excellent time management skills, teaching could be an ideal choice. 


The ability to communicate calmly and clearly while maintaining an air of authority can be difficult and certainly requires a patient approach. This means that teaching and having lots of patience go hand in hand. Regardless of whether you teach primary school-aged children or secondary, you will need plenty of patience to manage life in the classroom. From dealing with challenging behaviour without losing your temper to explaining the same concepts to children repeatedly, patience is a skill every teacher needs to possess. 



Trying to motivate a class of kids to learn algebra or the finer points of grammar is not easy. To ensure that you have a classroom filled with kids that are engaged and eager to learn, you need to be enthusiastic about your subject. Enthusiasm is contagious, and teaching your subject in a way that brings it to life helps to make your lessons interesting and fun for both you and your class.
Being enthusiastic about teaching and passionate about helping the next generation to thrive is vital and just as crucial as being passionate about your subject area. Good teachers are never forgotten and can make a profound difference in a child’s life, so if you are looking for a rewarding career, teaching is definitely worth considering.

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