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The Content Marketing And SEO Relationship

The Content Marketing And SEO Relationship

Content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) are both two extremely popular methods of advertising in the current day and age. Most businesses have adopted both techniques into their marketing campaigns. However, it is no longer about using these methods alone. It is about using them together. The convergence of SEO and content marketing has allowed businesses to truly excel when marketing their companies online.

The changing face of digital marketing

The face of online marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years. When SEO first came onto the scene you would find a wealth of articles online, which offered nothing insightful, informative, engaging or even enjoyable. They were just filled to the brim with keywords. In fact, a lot of them didn’t even make sense. This is no longer the case. SEO and compelling content have to work together. Fantastic content can obviously go unnoticed without SEO. However, SEO-led content will never have an impact if it is not compelling.


Old SEO tactics are obsolete

One of the main reasons why this convergence has come about is because of Google’s algorithm updates. These updates have pretty much rendered the majority of the old SEO tactics mentioned obsolete. Poor quality content is sniffed out and it is ranked lowly. Content that has been duplicated is sniffed out and ranked poorly. You can no longer get away with spamming comments on blogs either. This has completely changed the game and now businesses have to wise up when it comes to their online marketing strategy.

Quality > Quantity

Furthermore, it is no longer about as publishing as much content as is physically possible. This is not to say that it is not a case of the more the merrier, by all means, publishing frequency does matter. However, this is only the case if the content is good. Blogging is imperative. You must publish quality content with the natural implementation of keywords and other SEO techniques. You also need to use extensive user research, which is something firms like PRWD have been established to assist with. You can use this to create content that is going to be of the highest possible value to your intended audience.

Shareable content

This is where social media also becomes converged with the two techniques this blog post focuses on. Is a customer or potential customer really going to share a blog post if it is badly written, not original or quite simply has nothing to offer? If you can truly write an interesting and compelling piece of content then you will notice it getting shared frequently. Every single individual who shares your post will be marketing it to all of their followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook and thus your SEO content campaign has an even bigger reach.

The many other changes of SEO

SEO has not only changed in regards to content quality but it has also changed in regards to what matters. While links and keywords are still incredibly important, there are many other factors that are considered too, ranging from your bounce rate to how quickly your website loads. There is no place to hide in the current digital age.  

You can no longer implement an SEO strategy and a content marketing strategy separately. They now go hand in hand. This is a representation of how the world of online marketing is going as a whole. Everything is becoming integrated and companies need to adapt to this if they are to truly reap the maximum gain.

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