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The Rewards Of A Pleasing Smile

The Rewards Of A Pleasing Smile

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If one were to ask the question, just how important are smiles to the young generation of adults we have today, we need only to take a look at this digitally-aware generation’s spend towards dental care and aesthetically focused treatments such as Invisalign in Welwyn.

In comparison to the older generations of their parents and grandparents, millennials spend up to 8 times more than their grandparents would and 4 times as much as their parents.

Most of their dental treatments are those of cosmetic dentistry. While the older generation may be more concerned with age-related dental concerns like tooth loss and gum recession, the young look to enhance the appearance of their smiles.

Just why is a good-looking smile considered such a high priority? To answer this question, we need to examine the value of a smile.

The rise of the smile as a positive influence

Many go so far as to consider a pleasing smile an example of a commodity that can be used for monetary gain or influence. This is far easier to believe and more realistic when one takes a look at celebrity culture and the dominance of social media influencers, all of whom show off remarkable good looks even to the extent of using edited photographs.

Showing off one’s best self has significant rewards in other ways too.

Firstly, there is the positive influence on dental health. An attractive set of teeth needs to tick a few boxes:

  • They need to be in proper alignment
  • They need to be bright in colour
  • There need to be no imperfections such as chips and cracks.
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To keep one’s set of teeth in this pleasing and healthy condition, teeth need to be properly looked after. At-home dental practices and regular professional check-ups are two of the top best practice methods to achieve this.

Secondly, there are the lifelong mental and psychosocial benefits that are on offer. On this extraordinary list are improvements to mental and emotional health. Researchers have devoted many studies to the impact of warm smiles on boosting one’s self-concept. Straighter teeth and friendly smiles go a long way to persuading others to perceive an individual in a positive light. An attractive dental appearance generates a positive response in others. A smile prompts others to think the individual is capable, a leader, intelligent, friendly and approachable.

Another desirable benefit of a smile is that it opens up career-building opportunities, the confidence to engage more with others and foster social relationships.

Those may be external benefits but there is an internal benefit too – that of feeling happier and more joyful. At its basic level, smiling triggers a feeling of joy within oneself.

If a patient looks to correct the alignment of teeth, it is recommended by the General Dental Council (GDC) to do so using safe and reliable orthodontic treatments which are best provided by a registered professional dental practitioner. Patients are reminded that an in-person comprehensive consultation is required before any treatment can commence for a reliable diagnosis and prescribed treatment plan.

You must look to find a dental practice which offers exceptional orthodontic treatment to help you realise your smile goals.