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The Worst Things I’ve Been Told As A Parent

The Worst Things I’ve Been Told As A Parent

Everyone has their own little ways of soothing, disciplining and in general just dealing with their child, and normally I say each to their own, but here are some of the most ridiculous things I’ve been told to do as a parent!

If your baby bites you, bite them back

I’m sorry but fuck off, if your baby is biting you, they are probably teething. Plus, I think taking a chunk out of your baby is classed as child abuse. Even if your child does it, and knows exactly what they’re doing, you still don’t bite your child.

Sleep when your baby sleeps

Oh OK then, so who’s coming to do all of the housework whilst we are tucked up dreaming away? No one that’s who, now get your head out of your arse.

advice for new parents

Reward bad behaviour with a cuddle

Ok, so those exact words were not said to me, more in action form. Zak was being naughty once and after ignoring everything I said, they took it upon themselves to give him a big cuddle and kisses. Tell me where the logic is in that one.

Babies who have a dummy are more settled

Not once did Zak have a dummy and still sleeps through the night, and he has done from the age of about 8 weeks. So no, babies with dummies are not necessarily more settled. Dummies are the parent’s preference, but personally, I feel like dummies are sometimes (not always) used to just keep their child quiet when they can’t be bothered.

Stick some whiskey in their bottle

No, no, no, no, no and guess what? NO. Alcohol is poisonous to adults, hence us getting “drunk”, and you want me to give my child an alcoholic drink that is quite strong for fully grown adults? Yeah, don’t come near my child.

What bad advice have you been given?

6 thoughts on “The Worst Things I’ve Been Told As A Parent

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      I agree, I don't like any of these 'tips' /advice listed above. I'd like to think I'd not use a dummy with my child, but more because children can form an attachment to them

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      HAHA classic parenting advice there! Hate the biting thing and the sleep when baby sleeps used to drive me mad – esp when you are on baby no2 or more! #ukbloggers

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      I never thought i would use a dummy, but my poor little girl suffered so much with reflux and lactose intolerance gave her such a sore tummy that she really needed the comfort. As a longstanding thumb sucker myself (until I was six :/ ) I think it will be easier to take away the dummy than it would be to stop the thumb 🙂 I don't like it when children are given dummies during the day – my daughter's dummy stays in her cot and is for sleep times only.
      I couldn't sleep knowing there were so many jobs to do in the house – I know they shouldn't matter, but you gotta get the washing done or no one will have any clothes to wear…
      Alice NipperAndTyke

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      I just don't personally like dummys, but I do understand why some people use them. I was stating that I didn't and Zak was and still is a very settled child 🙂 x

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      Haha yeah, it's even worse when it's clear you need more sleep, and you'd love nothing more than to go to sleep, I only have Zak at the moment, but I know I'll be the same as that when any other children come along! x #ukbloggers

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      Ah see that's fair enough, I understand people that do it for reasons like that, but I do see some parents just shoving one in their child's mouth just to keep them quiet, and that irritates me! No nor me, I had a c-section, and 3 days later I was at the shop just because even sat around was driving me crazy haha! x

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