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Tips To Make Your Business More Appealing To Customers

Tips To Make Your Business More Appealing To Customers

Businesses operating across every sector face tough competition. When you’re up against rivals, the aim is to persuade the client to choose your brand, but how do you achieve this objective? In this guide, we’ll explore some effective ways to make your business more appealing to customers. 

Customer service

Customer service is increasingly influential when it comes to how consumers judge and evaluate businesses. From restaurants and hotels to accounting, medical and real estate firms, consumers have high levels of expectation. If diners receive poor service in a restaurant, they won’t leave a 5-star review even if the food was incredible. Consumers want to enjoy the experience of working with or visiting a business, and they’re looking for more than quality products and services at competitive prices. 

As a business owner, it has never been more crucial to understand the importance of customer service. Statistics show that over 90% of consumers check online reviews before buying a product or contacting a company. If you have excellent reviews, this can set your business apart and encourage prospective clients to visit your website, make a booking or give your business a call. To improve service, collect and analyze feedback, provide responsive customer support, reply to questions and comments via email and social media and make your customers feel valued. 

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One of the most effective ways to build strong ties with customers and enhance brand image is to provide value for your clients. Many businesses go all-out to try and boost sales by cutting prices, but most consumers would rather look for value than the lowest offer. Customers want to feel like they are getting a good deal, and often, people are willing to pay more for a superior product or service. If you run an online store, for example, you can add value by including a gift wrapping service or offering next-day delivery. If you sell products, you can use better quality materials than your competitors. Think about strategies that will appeal to your target buyer, ask for ideas and suggestions and keep an eye on what other businesses are doing. 

Rewarding loyalty

Most of us have been in a position where we’ve contacted a business to find that prices are going up because new customer discounts have expired. Many companies offer incentives for new clients and this often comes at the expense of loyal customers. Prices go up and customers don’t get the free gifts or promotional prices, for example. At this point, there is a genuine risk of businesses losing clients, even if they have been with them for years. Consumers want to feel valued, and if they don’t believe that they are getting a good deal, they will look elsewhere. As a business owner, it is hugely beneficial to look after loyal clients. Research indicates that loyal customers are likely to spend more than new clients, and there is also a golden opportunity for customers to recommend your business to others to expand your client base. High customer retention rates will help you enhance your brand image and encourage new clients to choose you.

There are several ways to reward loyalty. Popular schemes include loyalty cards and bonus points, access to exclusive offers and discounts and savings on future purchases. 

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Communication and interaction

With social media, email, instant messaging and 24-hour access to the web, it has never been easier for businesses and brands to connect with clients and prospective customers. Communication can help you increase lead conversion rates, enhance your brand image and boost review scores and ratings. Use the channels and networks available to you to engage with social media followers and customers and show off the human side of your brand. Social media is a fantastic tool for businesses because it enables open communication. You can promote and advertise products and services, but you can also share information about your business, provide updates, and give followers an insight into what makes the brand unique. 

When using social media, your website or email communications to share news, updates or information about your business or the products and services you sell, it’s a brilliant idea to capitalize on the impact and popularity of video content. Video production services can help you generate and share high-quality content your audience will love. From how-to guides and informative posts to interviews, product demonstrations and storytelling, you can use video clips to strengthen ties and ensure that your customers understand the ethos and culture of your brand. It’s also an excellent idea to ensure that you have responsive customer support options available. Live chat is a great addition to websites and instant messaging is ideal for social media profiles and accounts. 

You should also take into consideration how you appear as a brand. This can be difficult if your name has previously been taken as a display name on Instagram, so you’ll need to find another way to show customers that it’s you. You can use this instagram name generator if you’re struggling to come up with names that will work.

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Corporate social responsibility and values

Consumers today have an active interest in where products come from and what brands stand for. Statistics show that over 70% of customers want to buy from brands that share the same values. Corporate social responsibility can help you connect with your customers and make a positive difference to the local community or the planet as a whole. There are myriad ways you can do your bit from choosing sustainable materials and supporting environmental or conservation programs to donating money to charities or providing opportunities for local residents. Ask your employees and customers for ideas and think about what matters most to you.

Embracing new trends

Every company owner knows that the secret to success lies in giving customers what they want. The challenge is that trends come and go and consumer habits change and evolve. To make your business more appealing to customers and stand out in the crowd, it’s beneficial to look for emerging trends and to respond to customer suggestions and ideas. If you can offer perks or new features before your rivals, for example, you may be able to attract new clients as well as maximizing the chances of keeping hold of your loyal customers. Read articles, ask for feedback, conduct market research and keep an eye on the headlines. Try to be flexible and adaptable. 


If you’re looking to create a buzz around your brand, or you’re eager to attract new customers, running promotions can help you to introduce your brand to a wider audience and persuade them to try your products and services. You can use your website, your social media platforms and email marketing to share news of offers or competitions and encourage people to get involved. Giveaways and competitions are an excellent way to get people talking on social networks and they can help you build a bigger following rapidly. Once you’ve outlined the terms and conditions and issued instructions, share news of the winner and keep posting with information and details of new products or deals to keep followers interested. You could organize another competition or offer those who entered the previous one the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive discount, for example. 

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Competition among businesses is fierce, and it’s not easy to attract customers and keep hold of clients. Whether you’re preparing to launch a new venture, or you’re an established brand, it’s crucial to be able to create a positive impression and encourage customers to choose your business over others. There are several ways you can make your brand more appealing from outstanding customer service and excellent reviews to supporting good causes and communicating and engaging with clients. Collect and analyze feedback, look out for emerging trends, run promotions, keep in touch with followers online and look after loyal customers. Highlight and up-sell your brand values and ethos and try to ensure that every customer feels respected and valued. 

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