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How To Upgrade Your Basement On A Budget

How To Upgrade Your Basement On A Budget

A simple basement remodelling project can transform your underground space into a functional room without breaking the bank. Moreover, this project can raise the value of your home. Indeed, the most crucial strategy to minimise renovation costs is to spend your money wisely on the right materials and professionals. Here are a few ideas to improve your basement on a budget.

DIY-paint your basement

Professionals will get the job done better when making complex installations like adding new walls. But for minor improvements like painting, you can consider doing it by yourself. DIY-painting your basement saves you some money for other ventures. Once you know your colour choices, this shouldn’t be a huge task.  You may consider a light colour to help offset any lack of natural light in your basement. Investing in eco-friendly paint is also beneficial, so keep this in mind. 

Select your ceiling smartly

Depending on your home, you can look at different options for your basement ceiling. Tiles, for instance, can be useful since they make reaching water, electrical lines, and sewer pipes easier. However, the major downside to ceiling tiles is their complex installation. Everything needs to be done perfectly, requiring you to hire professionals to help you. Sheetrocking may also be another ceiling idea for your basement. While this is a relatively cheap option, it can be stressful cutting into the sheetrock when you want to make further repairs in the future. Therefore, you should weigh the pros and cons before getting a basement ceiling. 

Get creative with your flooring choice

When you have a tight budget, hardwood flooring installations for your basement can prove expensive. Fortunately, DIY-friendly carpet tiles can be cheaper alternatives. Thankfully, you can find affordable flooring solutions from brands like Flooring Supplies Direct, so keep this in mind. Mat squares that fit snuggly like puzzle pieces, water-proof vinyl tiles, and laminate flooring are also great for your basement. Homeowners with concrete floors can choose a special concrete paint to finish their basement with a fresh look.

Install lighting

Low ceilings and poor lighting are often huge renovation challenges in most basements. Although you may not have a lot of natural light, it would be easy to change your existing lighting systems to enhance the look and feel of your space. As a tip, purchase wall sconces or lamps for a more luxurious ambience. If your ceiling is too low, you may want to avoid pendant light fixtures. Instead, consider recessed lighting for this purpose.


Add plenty of seating

Do you intend to have more entertainment in your basement? Investing in plenty of seating for your family and visitors makes sense. Try getting a large sofa, tables, and chairs to provide comfort and allow playing games. You can still set up a narrow bar table behind your couch or sofa in small basements that can hardly contain big tables with chairs. This can provide a good place for guests to eat as well.

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