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Why Gaming Has Kept Our Relationship Strong

Why Gaming Has Kept Our Relationship Strong

Anyone that knows me and Rick will know that we’re not the type to sit and watch TV in the evenings. Instead, we like to play games across all platforms such as Need For Speed on the Playstation 4 all the way back to NHL Hitz on the GameCube.

I have been a gamer for a large part of my life, and my love of gaming started with World of Warcraft. I started playing thirteen years ago and while I didn’t meet Rick through gaming, I have made some very good friends through the online platform. The beautiful lady that introduced me to blogging actually met her husband on World of Warcraft and now have a beautiful family together.

Let me set the scene for you; Rick finishes work late after a hard shift in the kitchen. I’m tired from writing thousands of words and I’m ready to wind down. We wheel our gaming chairs into the lounge, pop on our headphones and play games together. There’s something so calming about sitting there together and letting off steam and in my opinion, gamer dates are one of the best ways to spend time with the one you love. 

How can I incorporate gaming into date nights?

Whether you’ve recently met someone special through a game or an online chat room, or you’re lucky enough to have met the love of your life, there are some great ideas for gamers dates that could spice up date night and take it to the next level.

Play your favourite video games together

Take it from me, there’s nothing quite like kicking ass at your shared favourite video games together. Rick and I often upload our victories to YouTube and share it with our friends to show them how great we are. So pop in your favourite shared video game and enjoy playing together! It’s as simple as that! Maybe grab some snacks and drinks too!

Visit a games convention

This is something I’ve always wanted to do. I love the fantasy, mythical games and the idea of going to a convention with cosplay and having the chance to meet people that are like minded has always appealed to me. If there’s a convention near you, why not attend one together? Or, now restrictions are beginning to ease, why not travel a little farther and spend the weekend loving all things gaming as a couple.

Watch a gaming movie

Anyone that has met Rick for even a minute will know he’s a huge movie buff and that’s why I was thrilled when I heard the announcement that a Warcraft movie was being made. When we watched it, Rick made it special by buying my favourite drinks and snacks and he showed interest in my favourite game and found he had interest in it too! So, if you’re not in the mood for gaming per se, pop in a movie about gaming such as Mortal Kombat, Warcraft, or even Need For Speed.

Try each other’s video games

When we first met I hadn’t played much Need For Speed in the past, and Rick hadn’t played as many fantasy games as I had. Over the years we’ve tried all sorts of games to come to a happy middle ground of genres we want to play together. However, there have been times where we’ve swapped for the night and played each other’s favourite games. So, if you like CoD and he likes Diablo, why not swap for the evening and immerse yourself in your partner’s love for the game.

Go old school!

Finally, something we love doing is plugging in the old school consoles and trying our hand at them. We’ve had countless Wii Sports nights and we’ve even broken out the GameCube and played Luigi’s Mansion and Super Smash Bros. It’s a great way to show the friendly competitiveness, not to mention the childhood nostalgia that comes flooding back.

I couldn’t imagine my life without gaming. I find it perfect for spending time alone with your thoughts, letting go of frustration, and having fun while improving my skills at the same time. Gaming has given our relationship countless hours of fun and laughter as well as moments of reassurance and distancing ourselves away from the stresses of life. So if you’ve never had a gamers date night before, try one of these ideas and I promise you, you’ll love every second of it.

Please enjoy these photos taken while gaming (and perhaps after a few drinks, who’s to say, right?!)

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