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I am so excited and proud to announce that I have taken part in #YoudNeverBelieve.

What is #YoudNeverBelieve I hear you say?
Well, I do have some super informative links to share with you but I will tell you a little bit right now.

#YoudNeverBelieve is a campaign to show teenagers that you are never truly alone. Feeling low and helpless is one of the worst things anyone can experience and I’m super proud to be backing this cause to encourage young girls to speak out if they are feeling anything but happy. In this video, myself and a bunch of awesome bloggers confessed some of the things we felt when we were teenagers, and possibly some of us may still feel this way.

We want to create a support network for anyone struggling and the amazing Ella Stearn is the brainbox we all need to thank for this! Please please pleeeeease back this cause because #mentalhealth is SO important.
#YoudNeverBelieve that I used to be scared to go to school.

Watch the video here:

Anyone who knows me will know I am really passionate about mental health. Having an autistic son and battling anxiety, depression and panic disorder myself really fuels me to help others. As soon as I read about this campaign I knew I had to get involved.

Here is where the magic is happening, please donate to this amazing cause – #YoudNeverBelieve

Oh, and one last thing. Remember, it’s okay to not be okay. There is always someone out there. Don’t suffer alone.

Much love xxx
Photo credit to the beautiful Amy Thompson xx