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5 Things You Should Do Before You’re 30

5 Things You Should Do Before You’re 30

Everyone has a bucket list of some sort compiled in their minds, and very little of us actually complete those items on our lists. For those of us that aren’t the type to go skydiving, there are often more reasonable things that we place on our to do lists, things that some people might not even consider a challenge. Nevertheless, we’ve compiled a short list of things that you should do before you reach the age of thirty. Do you agree with them?

Buy a home

One thing that many people aspire to do in their lifetime is to buy their own home and give themselves some sort of financial stability. The earlier that you begin saving for your own home, the sooner that you will find yourself taking the steps into becoming a homeowner. The sooner you are a homeowner, the sooner you can pay off the mortgage and begin enjoying an easier life as you get older.

Set up a retirement plan

Speaking of getting older, even though it may seem like a lifetime away, you should begin thinking about your future when it comes to retirement age. Schwab intelligent portfolio review can give you tons of information on the right steps to take when it comes to setting up a retirement plan and being ready for your future. That and buying yourself a home will guarantee you a nice relaxing part of your life that you can enjoy.

Land yourself a good career

To achieve the above two points and many other aspects of life, you need to earn yourself enough money. Think about what you are passionate about in life and research careers that can stem off from that. Once you’ve chosen the career path you want to go down, there’s nothing stopping you! Even if you’re currently in another job there are part time courses that you could take so that you can take a step in the right direction career wise.

Get married

Of course, all of these wonderful things in life are made so much better when you’re doing them with the person that you love. Marriage has become rather tainted over the last few decades with the increase on divorce rates, but that’s not to say it’s something that you should avoid altogether. Marriage is a display of love, and binds two people together for the rest of their lives and beyond. Find someone to love and share all of life’s wonderful experiences with!

Start a family

Finally, starting a family made it onto the list. While some people don’t want children (and that’s completely fine), it’s a wonderful thing to do to bring another life into this world with the person that you love. It’s a feeling that cannot be described, but it’s without a doubt the most incredible one in the world.

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