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Lustre 3D Fiber Lashes Review

Lustre 3D Fiber Lashes Review

I recently had the chance to review a mascara that promises to lengthen your eyelashes in just a few simple steps. Who could pass up on that kind of idea? Now, I’m not particularly blessed in the eyelash department as you can see in the picture. They’re not non existent, but I’ve never had someone compliment them without some sort of eye make up either. My good friend Jacqui Saxelby-Smith is the person who introduced me to the Lustre Fiber Lashes, and boy am I thankful for having this product in my make up bag now!

As you can see, tiny eyelashes!

The package arrived last week (I’ve been meaning to upload this for a whole week now!) and I was super excited to try out the product that could make my eyes look amazing! It comes in a super cute box that I actually find really handy to store them in because I have such a messy make up bag and it makes it easier to find them! It also comes with handy instructions that give you tips on how to get the best results.


It was finally time to try out the 3D Lustre Fiber Lash and what a surprise I had! A product that actually does what it says on the tin! You apply the gel as a base and then use the fibers to build up the length. You then apply another coat of the gel to seal the fibers in. You then have the option of building your lashes further, and on this occasion I chose to do two applications. I think you’ll be as astounded as I was with the results!



So to sum up:

  • Yes I’d definitely recommend this to a friend (in fact I already have!)
  • Yes it’s worth the £17 price tag
  • I instantly had compliments on my eyes, so that was another bonus!

Any downsides?

Only one and admittedly it’s my own fault. If you apply the fibers too close to your actual eyeball and manage to get them in your eye like I did, your eyes will feel gritty and uncomfortable. On my first application I was worried that this would be a permanent thing whenever you use the product, but the second time I wore it I was careful with application and I felt and looked great!


So if you want super long eyelashes like I managed to achieve from Saba Lustre Fiber 3D Lashes, then it’s probably time that you got your hands on it for yourselves!

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