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7 Simple Hacks to Reduce Your AC Bill During the Summer

7 Simple Hacks to Reduce Your AC Bill During the Summer

Homeowners review tips for lowering their cooling costs during the summer. As temperature soar, so does energy use, and the air conditioning unit could present excessive expenses for the property owner. Property owners that review seven simple hacks to reduce their AC bill during the summer lower their costs significantly.

1. Increase the Temperature When You’re Sleeping

Adjusting the thermostat to a higher temperature prevents the air conditioning unit from cycling as frequently. Since it is cooler at night than in the daytime, the owner stays more comfortable at the higher temperature. The homeowner won’t need the air conditioner to keep their home as cool at night, and they save more with the higher temperature setting. Homeowners who need more information can review further tips now.

2. Unplug or Shut It Down When You’re Not Home

Since homeowners are away from home several hours each day, they could lower their costs by shutting down the system or unplugging a window unit. If they don’t have children or pets, the homeowner need not keep their home cool if they aren’t there. Smart home connections allow the property owner to engage a central unit remotely, and their home will be cool by the time they arrive.

3. Change the Filter More Often

Changing the filter often lowers the risk of a blockage. It is recommended that they change out the filter at least once a month. However, changing it twice a month keeps the unit clean and prevents problems that cause irregular cycling.

4. Install Ceiling Fans

Installing ceiling fans helps the owner force heat away from the room. Adjusting the setting on the ceiling fan pushed hot air toward the ceiling, and cooler air remains in the room. The ceiling fans are helpful if the property owner wants to turn off their air conditioner when sleeping, too. The fans circulate cool air through the home effectively.

5. Seal Off Any Cracks or Leaks

Sealing cracks and air leaks prevent exterior air from getting into the property. It also prevents cool air from escaping. Using caulking along the edges of baseboards seals them securely. Adding weatherstripping around doors and windows prevents a draft that affects thermostat readings.

6. Use Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a superb choice for any homeowner that sleeps during the day. The curtains also prevent heat from entering the room. The coating on the back of the curtains prevents heat from affecting the temperature inside the room. This could lower the cost of cooling the property dramatically.

7. Grill Out Often

Cooking increases the temperature in the kitchen and requires the air conditioning unit to engage frequently to cool the home. Homeowners that cook on the grill more often won’t increase the temperatures inside their home. Plus, charcoal grills don’t require gas or power, so they lower energy consumption for the homeowner. Grilling out provides them with a healthier way to prepare their meats and eliminates access fat.

Homeowners follow steps to make cooling their home during the summer more affordable. Simple tasks such as increasing the thermostat setting stops the unit from cycling frequently. Changing the filter keeps the air conditioner cleaner and prevents blockages that cause service interruptions. Ceiling fans are also an energy saver and keep the property cool. Property owners can review tips for cutting costs and generate greater savings each summer.