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Better Habits To Enforce In Your Life This January

Better Habits To Enforce In Your Life This January

Now that a new year had dawned a lot of us are taking stock of our lives in every way and finding methods to improve. A fresh start is something that can be valuable to all of us once in a while, and January is always the ideal time to implement change in your life. 


Today we want to discuss some of the habits and tasks you can do to start being more organised, healthier, and happier in your own life. There are many different ways for you to change in a positive way, and here are just a few of them for you this year. 

Wake up earlier 

The first habit that will benefit your mind and body in January is to wake up a little bit earlier and allow your body and mind to get ready for the day before you start working. Many of us, especially when working from home, will roll out of bed at the last possible second and while this might seem like a good idea it will actually make you more tired and sluggish. Instead, setting your alarm a little bit earlier and allowing yourself to wake up properly with a cup of coffee is your best option to be happy. You’ll feel more energetic, your body will have chance to adjust to the day, and you will feel like you can be more productive as a whole. 

Go for a checkup 

If you have foregone a visit to the doctors or the dentist for a long while, now is the time to get back into the habit of regular checkups. Even if you feel fine or you have the tiniest symptom, it is important to check in with healthcare professionals now and again to gain a clearer picture of your body. You never know what symptoms will be an indication of something more serious and it is never worth taking the risk. Be smart and book appointments every few months. 

Clean out your fridge 

New year, new me… and new fridge. Over the months of the year, many of us accumulate random items in our fridge that never get used and go off entirely. Instead of allowing food to fester in the back of your fridge for eternity, it is time for you to clean out your fridge and only put back those foods you will use. This will be a cathartic experience for you and you’d be surprised how much waste you have lying around. Once done, get into the habit of checking your cupboards before you do your weekly shop, and allow what you have in the house to drive your menu for the week. Smarter choices means less waste and less money spent. 

Clear away clutter 

Clutter is one of the things that can cloud the mind and give a sense of chaos to all of our lives. If you have a workspace or a home that is full of clutter, your mind will feel messy and it will be difficult for you to be as productive as you could be. The best way to clear your mind and also have a tidier space is to clear our clutter regularly from your home. Clearing out old clothes from your wardrobe, cleaning up the pantry, and even rearranging your cleaning cupboard can have a huge impact on your life as well as your mood. 

Keep a diary 

A diary is often mistake for a vessel where teenagers can talk about their crushes – when in fact a diary can be a useful tool for organisation. If you have a job that requires many smaller tasks, writing them down weekly in your diary is a great way to stay on track and make sure that you don’t miss anything important. As well as this, a diary can keep track of any appointments, meetings, or outings you have throughout the week. By starting your Monday morning with 10 minutes of writing and planning, you’ll save a lot of time during the week and you will also be able to get more done. 


Working out is such an important thing to do for our body and our mind. Exercise will keep you strong and healthy, and it will also help you to take your mind off your stresses and be happier. Make time to exercise for 30 minutes each day whether it be a workout, a walk, or even a swim. Activity is so important for your health and it will make all the difference to you this year. 

Take supplements 

When we talk about supplements there are several different types you can take. If you are looking to build muscle mass you might try something like tongkat ali; if you want to boost your metabolism you could try raspberry ketone; or if you want to grow healthier hair and nails you can take biotin. Supplements are there to help provide things that you are lacking in your diet, and they can be a great way to ensure you stay strong and healthy. 

Drink lemon water 

Lemon water is a magic drink when taken first thing in the morning. There is nothing better for your body than a cold glass of lemon water to cleanse out any toxins from your body overnight as well as boost your metabolism for the day ahead. Start every day with a glass of lemon water and you’ll soon see a huge difference in your digestion and your skin. 

Eat balanced meals 

Eating balanced meals doesn’t mean having to abandon everything you love to eat. When it comes to making balanced meals for yourself, the main thing you need to make sure of is that every meal has a protein source, a carb source, and a fat source. For example – toast topped with avocado and a poached egg is a perfectly balanced meal because it has carbs from the bread, fat from the avocado, and protein from the egg. As you formulate your meals, consider where your protein is coming from and try to find a healthy source of fat. This way, you’ll eat better and you’ll be happier. 

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