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Travel Abroad And Earn A Living!

The most exciting thing for anyone thinking about being a digital nomad is sitting in a famous city working whilst you meet a deadline at the end of the week. Then, moving onto the next destination the day after and seeing most of the world as you go. Often when you are working in an office you may need employment […]

All the Essentials You Need for a Low-Cost Family Holiday

https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-celebration-cheers-congratulations-415318/ A family holiday is all about getting away from home for a week or two and enjoying yourself. It gives you and the rest a chance to escape work, school, cleaning, cooking, and other responsibilities that manage to drag you down after a while.  But a lot of the time, family holidays are not cheap. There are flights, accommodation, […]

Tips for Sleeping on a Plane

Good news: you’re excited to book your dream vacation. Bad news: you’re not immune to hassles of air travel including epically long flights, loud passengers, cramped seats, and sunlight pouring in at 35,000 feet. While a few lucky folks have the superpowers to sleep curled up like a pretzel in economy class, the rest of us need expert strategies to […]

10 Tips For Paying For World Travel

If you ask anyone what their bucket list includes, they’re sure to mention travel in some way. Whether it’s a trip to the Caribbean or a luxury resort in the Maldives, travel will always feature on a bucket list. Part of this is due to how expensive traveling can be, and the other half of this is that travel is […]

Your Holiday Checklist

You’ve been saving for months, and you’ve finally booked it. You’re going on holiday soon. You will probably download an app on your phone to count down the days until you go. The excitement building up to a holiday can be immense.  If can also mean quite a lot of stress and worry though, having lots to prepare before you […]

City Break Vs. Country Break

The UK is filled with some fantastic green countryside, luscious fields, gorgeous national parks, mountains to climb, animals, nature, excellent walks, fresh air and fun but it’s also home to some of the world’s greatest cities, small or big, they are full of history and culture and so much to do. So, when you’re looking at where to go for […]

Working on a Family Holiday

Family holidays are wonderful. For those of us with busy jobs and home lives, or people that work irregular and unsocial hours, a family break away from home is one of the few chances that we get to spend extended, quality time with our families. Many of us struggle to eat dinner as a family, all sat around the same […]