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Travel Abroad And Earn A Living!

Travel Abroad And Earn A Living!

The most exciting thing for anyone thinking about being a digital nomad is sitting in a famous city working whilst you meet a deadline at the end of the week. Then, moving onto the next destination the day after and seeing most of the world as you go. Often when you are working in an office you may need employment verification and there could be other paperwork involved but you can be fortunate now to have different options. Once upon a time, in the 90s and before, traveling and working may have been things to choose between, but today, there are options to allow you to travel and enjoy working at the same time and here are some of the most practical ones that you can do! 

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1. 9-5 Jobs Abroad! 

Being on the road does not mean that you have to look at jobs that are off the beaten path. You also have the option of performing in a regular job, such as working in a restaurant, cafe, school, or as a driver. Having the stable income and set schedule can also be very appreciated as a traveller and you will find that there are more jobs out there than you think to keep you motivated

2. Travel Tour Guide In A Major City

A great way to work in a city you love, especially if you don’t speak the local language fluently, is to share all the things that make you love it with other traveller and this will allow you to earn some good money. International companies are often looking for tour assistants and you could also be a local tour guide in your own city or area first to gain some knowledge and confidence.

3. Travel Nurse

If you are a registered nurse then it may be possible to work abroad. There are some specific travel nurse agencies that help people find jobs abroad in hospitals or clinics but you may need to look at specific locations to ensure that it is right for you. It isn’t achievable but many charities such as UNICEF may be looking for people like you! 

5. Study Abroad Teacher or Tutor 

More and more students are taking advantage of the opportunity to study abroad during time at university, which means if there is a region that you are familiar with, you have a great opportunity to be a study abroad teacher or teaching English abroad. This can be really helpful and many companies are looking for people like this! You often get accommodation and flights paid for and even living costs to teach english in certain schools so this is a great way to start seeing the world and locate to a new destination.  

With these options and so many more to choose from, it’s time to pull out and update your CV and get looking at destinations of choice. The idea of traveling and working may have seemed to be only a dream before, but it is actually very possible! 

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