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Ethical Marketing Tips

Ethical Marketing Tips

If you are looking for a good way to promote your business right now, then you should definitely be looking at ethical marketing.

Positioning your business as a force for good is an excellent way to get the customers on your side, beat the competition, and ultimately make more sales, but how exactly do you put ethical marketing into action?

Be honest

If you want to market your business ethically, then the first thing you need to do is to ensure that you are always transparent in everything you do. This means that you always tell the truth about your products, what they can do, what any downsides might be, and so on. This might sound like a customer loser, but actually, consumers like to know they can trust a company, so it is likely to work in your favor for the most part.

Embrace sustainability

One of the biggest areas around which ethical marketing should be centered today is sustainability. Modern consumers want to know that the companies they patronise are as good at caring for the environment as possible, so whether you are sourcing recycled materials for making your goods or you are paying for x ray film recycling in your healthcare business, anything you can do that shows you are making an effort to help the planet will be most welcome.

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Focus on human rights

Of course, ethical businesses are not just careful to impact the planet as lightly as possible, they care about people too. As well as paying your staff fairly and treating them right, you should look to source from clean supply chains that are not linked to any human rights abuses if you want to gain the positive PR that comes with being an ethical business.

Listen to consumers

Asking consumers for feedback about your business and what they would like to see it doing to become more ethical is a really good way to drum up some positive PR, but of course, that only holds as long as you not only listen, but also take action ion the points they have raised. Consumers will very quickly notice if you are all nice words and no action, so although you might not be able to implement every suggestion, implement what you can and frankly discuss with the consumers why you can’t implement the rest.

Practice philanthropy

Perhaps, the ultimate in ethical business marketing is philanthropy. Donating a portion of your profits to a charity your target audience is likely to care about or having your staff raise money for a good cause in your local area, will really help you show the people around you that you do care and you do put your money where your mouth is when it comes to being an ethical business.

As you can see, ethical marketing is actually a pretty easy thing to achieve and it will give your target audience an even bigger reason to choose your company over the competition, so what are you waiting for?