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Five Things You Should Have In Your Fitness Attire

Five Things You Should Have In Your Fitness Attire

Working out can be difficult when you don’t have the right attire to do so. And all forms of fitness can require different types of clothing. So what five things should you have in your wardrobe when it comes to fitness attire.

Long & Short Leggings

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A selection of short and long leggings are great to suit all weather conditions whether your indoors or outdoors. You want to pick materials that are breathable but have a difference in thickness to cater for the colder months. Leggings are good because they cling to the skin rather than hanging off your body just waiting to get caught on a machine. Go for the best in body-fitting as this will give you the visual of how your body currently looks and will motivate you to tone up those areas that need tightening. These Fujin Baselayer Leggings are an excellent choice!

Sports Bra

The sports bra is essential for keeping everything comfortable towards the top, especially if you are bigger in that area. It also makes activities like running and jumping up and down easier. It can be worn merely on its own or underneath a tank top. Wearing your usual bra is fine, but as you’ll be sweating a lot, most normal bras aren’t made out of the same breathable materials that sports bras are. The last thing you want to be doing is ruining a decent bra!


Picking the right kind of footwear when you are exercising is important because different sports require a variety of factors. For most activities where impact occurs, you want a trainer that can support the ankles and the shins. These are vulnerable body parts where the impact is concerned because the repetitive movement can end up causing painful and serious injuries. However, the right trainers don’t need to cost the earth, so don’t confuse branding with functionality. The cost of trainers does vary, but at the end of the day, they will last you for a while, so it’s a worthy investment.

Trainer Socks

Rolling your socks over and over until you make your own trainer sock loses it’s appeal very quickly. That’s why it’s good to get a good amount of trainer socks stacked up for when you are going to the gym or taking part in a sport. Having good circulation in your feet is important, so you don’t want to be layering over your usual socks so that it takes up space in your footwear and cuts off your blood supply.

Joint Supports

As you get older, your joints don’t get any better. So it’s worth spending the money on a few joint support options. You can get ankle supports, knee and wrists, basically all the areas where you’re vulnerable to injury. These are great for when you are training and don’t want to cause problems, but in general, they provide you with the extra support needed to avoid injuries from happening.

So if you’re planning on heading to the gym soon, make sure you stock up your wardrobe with these fitness bits.

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