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Trendy Ways To Transform Your Kitchen

Trendy Ways To Transform Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home, designed for preparing and cooking meals; the kitchen has become somewhere that people gather at parties, where families chat in the morning or at the end of the day. It is no surprise that this is the case because food is so important in our lives; it nurtures the mind, body, and soul. The kitchen also provides a place for fun activities families can do together, and not just cooking and baking, the kitchen is often where the painting and other messy creative activities happen. Everyone uses the kitchen regularly, and while you can do without a dining room or a or a playroom, you can’t be without a kitchen.



A key trend this year which is not only stylish but smart and basic common sense is clever and concealed storage. Cupboards which go up to ceiling height and tall units with overhead cabinets offer reams of additional storage. Multifunctional and hidden storage is also essential in both compact and large kitchens, and there is now a far more significant demand for bespoke storage than ever before.

Upgrade The Doors

The main kitchen door is another thing that you might want to look into if you are keen to transform your kitchen in some way or another. It’s a simple case of looking at some kitchen replacement doors and finding some that are suitable for your decor and which seem attractive, and then simply replacing them. If you do this, you’ll find that you have a much better looking kitchen in no time at all.


As mentioned, the kitchen is the most friendly room of the house and having an island or breakfast bar is synonymous with a luxurious and welcoming kitchen. It is not only a great place to perch, to eat, to work and to chat but it can also be used for extra storage. Make sure you add some bar stools, and you’ll have the ultimate casual dining area.

Feature Taps

Feature taps have grown in popularity recently and will continue to do so this year. There are so many designs, styles and finishes available now, taps have become as crucial to the design as the work surface or cabinets. Tap technology is also a thing now; you can get instant boiling, filtered and sparkling water – how fancy is that?

Smart Technology

Taps are one thing, but the kitchen has a lot more to offer in the way of smart technology now. From a smart kettle which you can boil from your phone for when you wake up in the morning or arrive home from work to a meat thermometer, which can be left inside meat or fish while it’s cooking and can then tell you exactly when to stop cooking and make sure your dinner is perfectly prepared.


Kitchens and the way they’re designed are probably the room in your house that you need personalising the most. Not with photos and other things on the wall but the way it’s set up, each person is different and cooks differently, and each family has different needs, so your kitchen needs to work for you. There are some great design tools online now which can help you or chat to a kitchen fitter and they will have some advice. If you are looking to move house, Redrow is now designing whole houses around the buyers needs. They are innovating and improving their homes to meet the changes in people’s lifestyles, increasing your space and adapting rooms to allow for a different way of living.

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