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How To Build Trust In The Construction Industry

How To Build Trust In The Construction Industry

Customer reviews are increasingly influential for clients who are on the lookout for building and construction services. If you run a business, it’s more important to go all-out to impress clients than ever before. To improve ratings and increase the chances of customer recommendations, here are some tips to build trust. 

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Transparent prices and accurate quotes

Most people enter into a building project with a budget in mind. If you’re providing a prospective client with a quote, make sure you outline exactly what is covered, itemise the charges and provide an accurate estimate. Talk your clients through the quotes you provide, explain where their money is going and make sure they are aware of any potential additions, for example, if you’re repairing a roof and you need to replace damaged tiles or slates. 

Using the best materials and equipment

Home and business owners looking for local builders and construction specialists want to have peace of mind that the job will be done to a high standard. As a company owner, it pays to invest in the best machinery, materials and equipment you can afford. From plastic extrusion profiles and concrete blocks to drills, screws and wooden boards, focus on quality. If you bulk buy and choose suppliers that specialise in trade deals, you should be able to save on the recommended unit price. 

Service and communication

Customer service is critical in the construction industry today. Clients want fantastic results, but they also expect speed, efficiency, tidiness and politeness. Around 90% of people now check online reviews before contacting or visiting a business. If you make promises, for example, you’ll start work on a set date and the project will take 6 weeks, make sure you do your utmost to hit those targets. Punctuality is important. If you’re late all the time, you leave early without giving any notice, or you create a lot of mess and don’t make any effort to tidy up, this will impact the customer’s perception of your brand. If there are unavoidable delays, for example, adverse weather conditions that put the completion date in jeopardy, talk to your customers and let them know. Results are not the only aspect customers will judge. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant where the waiting staff was rude, or it took an age to get your food, you’ll understand how important it is to prioritise service. 

Take feedback on board

Feedback is incredibly valuable for businesses in any sector. Comments, both negative and positive, can help you identify strengths and weaknesses and make improvements to the way you operate. Encourage customers to leave reviews and take the time to go through them. If you get a bad review, contact the individual and try and resolve the problem. 

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Consumer trust is key when you run a building business. To improve ratings and attract rave reviews, communicate with customers, invest in the best quality materials and equipment, prioritise customer service, use feedback and make sure you have a transparent pricing policy.