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How To Start Selling Merchandise As A Blogger

How To Start Selling Merchandise As A Blogger

Merchandise is an extra layer to your business, and as a blogger, you may already be in the position where you are influencing what your audience buys. So if you’re thinking of selling merchandise as a blogger, here are some tips to get you started.

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Do Your Research To Check

First and foremost, it’s good to get a feel for who is actually interested in you selling merchandise. You may be influencing people to buy products you promote, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to buy your own branded products. So to get an idea of whether this is the right move yet, it’s good to speak to your audience directly. Use social media and your mailing list to figure out whether the amount of people interested and that would buy the merchandise, is worth the manufacturing costs. You want to be able to have a considerable amount of merch that you could create and then sell in the knowledge that you would sell most, if not only of that stock. The last thing you want is hundreds of the same products that aren’t selling, and you have to get rid of them.


Use The Right Company For The Manufacturing

When it comes to the manufacturing, the quality of your product has to be the best for what you can afford. The better the quality, the more impressed your customers are going to be because they’ll want to see the value for whatever they’re paying for. So if you’re looking for some suggestions, then Something Different is a good place to start company-wise. Depending on what you’re selling, you want to be able to work with a company that you can trust and that is going to help you successfully sell the products you end up creating.


Think About What You Want To Sell

You want to really think about what it is that you want to sell. Everyone does t-shirts, jumpers and clothing in general but perhaps you want to do something a little different? Whatever it is you decide on, really do your research on what sells and what doesn’t. It’s got to be worth the money that you are pricing it at, and if you’re releasing your own clothing line or makeup, then it’s going to face some tough competition from other individuals and the bigger companies.


Take Time In Your Designs

With your design process, it has to be recognizable merchandise to your fans but to also add intrigue to those who see it being worn by other people, particularly other fans who’ve not discovered your merchandise yet. Take time in your designs and make them personal to you and your brand. It’s always important to stay true to you because your customers will see through the bad choices and poor decision-making.


Selling merchandise as a blogger is exciting, so it’s definitely something you want to try and take seriously. Who knows what it might bring in the future for you as a blogger and your brand.