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The Day I Realised I’m a Mum

The Day I Realised I’m a Mum

I’ve been a very proud Mum for over three years now, and of course, I have been aware of it, but this morning, it finally hit me.

Us Mummies and Daddies do everything we should, we keep them clean (as much as humanly possible), we feed them, teach them, kiss baddies, praise good behaviour, have amazing days with our children along with days where we feel like we are the biggest failure of all, and most importantly, we give them our unconditional love, we can’t help it, they’re the most important beings on the planet.

So, there’s this boy, he kinda stole my heart, he calls me Mum

This morning Zak woke up around 8, and I’d overslept so I’d not managed to shower before getting him up and dressed, and I needed one badly. I’d always managed to schedule showers and baths around Zak being awake, but this morning I’d planned it badly, and it was finally time to shower with him in the bathroom. This was not going to be fun.

I did what I needed to do, seeing his little head popping around the shower curtain, talking about items around the bathroom. This is easier than I thought! I was managing to shower with Zak waiting patiently. Apart from the odd comment from Zak pointing out that “Mummy doesn’t have a winky” I’m pretty pleased with how fairly straight forward it was!

i'm a mum

That’s when I realised, I’m a mother. I now have nothing that I can do personally that Zak hasn’t joined me with at some point in his life, I feel a little sad about it, but I also feel like I’ve earned some sort of achievement. I can do everything I need to with a child about, that’s pretty cool right?

It’s made me feel more optimistic, like sometimes I say no to certain things because let’s face it, kids can be difficult to have around when you need to concentrate. Now, after having my final bit of privacy taken from me, I feel like I can do it! Super Mummy!

Needless to say, it might sound like I’m moaning about all of the things that us as parent’s have to do for our kids, but I love every second of it, even the times where I’m in tears. Today has made me feel empowered as a parent, and I’m going to try to keep reminding myself that no matter how bad I think I’m doing, I’m doing great, and that there’s millions of parents feeling the same way as me, who are also doing a super job.

Yes, I got all of that from having to share my precious shower time with my infant. Cool right?!

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