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How to Be Known as an Industry Expert

How to Be Known as an Industry Expert

If you go on websites like Forbes or LinkedIn, you’re going to see a lot of people who are industry experts or at least emit that feeling that they are. You hear their name come up a lot; their names come up at conferences, they attend a lot of events, and so on. They must be making a lot of money, right? They must get a lot of job offers and are probably constantly sought out by a lot of companies and recruiters. It’s pretty enviable if you think about it, and it’s honestly easy to see why.  

So, how can you do something like this? How can anyone become an expert? Is it easy? There are a lot of questions, and it’s super understandable, especially given the fact that so many people want to be known in the field they work in. So, keep reading on to find out what you can do to be known in your industry as an expert!

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Start By Being Active in Your Industry

Developing a reputation as an expert takes time and effort. It also requires a commitment to keep up with current developments and discussions in your industry. This includes writing articles with the latest research, updates, and changes or adding your own perspective to existing pieces. It’s also a great idea to attend relevant conferences and networking events. These are ideal opportunities to showcase your expertise in person, build a network of potential clients and get your name out there.

If there are events, why not attend them? Creating a YouTube channel or even creating content like videos on TikTok could even be something too. As mentioned before, you can do research and write articles about the changes and challenges of consumers; even thought-provoking pieces on LinkedIn can help too. Why not try and create an event too? All of this is going to add up, so why not try and do so?

Focus on Developing Your Brand

Everyone is doing this nowadays, even kids! It sounds weird, and maybe it even sounds a little too overdone, but everyone has a brand. You don’t need to call that, but more or less, it’s an impression of what others perceive them to be. So, do you want to be someone who is instantly known as a go-getter or someone who just takes their work, and that’s all there is? Overall, it’s just important to focus on all of this.  Industry experts have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of a specific industry. 

They are also well-connected and are able to connect clients and colleagues for mutual benefit. While it may take a lot of hard work and dedication to become an industry expert, the rewards are plentiful. It’s not only a source of pride, but it can also attract new business and create opportunities for you and your team. So make sure to look closely at your brand and focus on this. You can look into helpful information like Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course to help you change up your brand. 

Host a Webinar

They were huge during the pandemic, and these are honestly here to stay! You don’t have to shoot through hoops to get a venue when you can do this instead. This online event allows multiple people to participate in a presentation or discussion on a specific topic. There are more than enough platforms online, most of which are free that you can choose for hosting this event! It’s a nice way to show off your knowledge!

Be Active on LinkedIn

This platform is where it’s mostly established who’s an industry leader and expert and who’s not. So you’re going to want to get your name known on here. Find online forums and social media where people are discussing topics related to your area of expertise, then join the conversation (using discretion). Become involved by making valuable contributions and sharing relevant information. This can help you to build a following and reinforce the idea that you’re an industry expert. It also helps to build relationships with other people in your field, which may lead to business opportunities in the future.

Some things you can post can include: 

  • Photos of events you attended
  • Photos involving your work (that’s allowed to be shared)
  • Opinions on changes in your industry
  • Articles you’ve written
  • A quote involving your industry
  • Events

Overall, you’ll be doing yourself a major favour by getting known on LinkedIn.  Turning into an expert doesn’t just happen overnight; it takes a lot of time, so make sure you do multiple things to ensure your name gets out there.

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