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Making Your Manufacturing Business Compete Against The Big Boys

Making Your Manufacturing Business Compete Against The Big Boys

Small manufacturing businesses used to be popular startup ideas. However, most small companies have trouble competing in this industry thanks to all the massive organizations they’re up against. For many, it feels like a fight they’ll never win. On the contrary, you can definitely compete against the big boys, but only if you follow this advice:


Focus On The Local Market

As a small business, you may think there’s not a lot you can offer that the big boys can’t. However, you can almost use your smallness to your advantage. Focus on being a local manufacturing company, and this can become your USP. Businesses in your area will be keen to hear more about your services as a local manufacturing company is beneficial for them. It tends to make you cheaper as there are much lower logistics costs, which is a huge reason for potential clients to be interested in you. In a way, you’re almost letting the big boys focus on the global market, while you nail down local contracts!

Improve Your Efficiency

An efficient manufacturing company is one that can get a lot done in a short space of time. As it happens, this makes you a very attractive prospect to potential clients. Businesses can order things from you and know that they’ll get their order in a fairly short space of time. There are loads of things out there to help you improve your efficiency, like SAP Business One manufacturing software. In general, software is so helpful as it lets you manage your processes to ensure everything gets done on schedule, and you’re analyzing your processes to figure out the best and most efficient way of doing things. You improve performance and become better at your job, which makes you a more attractive business and helps reel in new clients. You can also explore a number of other measures to improve efficiency within your manufacturing business, including studying the world of Kanban manufacturing. Kanban is a kind of lean workflow management method that works well in manufacturing environments, as you can use visual boards to represent your workload and which steps need to be taken to manage your factory in the most efficient, productive manner.



Build An Eco-Friendly Brand

We spoke about USP’s earlier on, and this is another massive selling point in modern times. Companies don’t like to do business with manufacturing companies that aren’t eco-friendly. Okay, they won’t refuse to do business with them, but it’s preferable when a manufacturer puts an emphasis on caring for the environment. This includes using eco-friendly manufacturing processes that don’t require fossil fuels to burn like crazy. It also includes disposing of waste materials properly and trying to recycle as much as can be. Essentially, if you build an environmentally-friendly brand, then you will be more appealing to other businesses. The good thing is, it’s much easier for a small company to do this as you’ll likely have one building where you do everything. Bigger corporations struggle to manufacture with regard for the environment because they’re just too big.


As you can see, it’s all about making yourself stand out compared to the big boys in your industry. With something like manufacturing, you’re going to be up against huge companies across the world. But, as mentioned in the first point, sometimes you can have success by thinking on a smaller scale. Add some efficiency improvements to this, along with eco-friendly practices, and you can definitely compete against the giants out there.  Take the opportunity to switch up your manufacturing style to throw a spanner in the works, as you never know how beneficial this can be for your manufacturing business and its goal to become one of the top players. It might take a little time for your team to achieve the best efficiency levels, but with hard work and dedication you can reach and maintain ultimate performance all year round!


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