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Impress Clients at Your Office

Impress Clients at Your Office

Bringing clients to your office for the first time is an important aspect of running a business. You want them to walk away with a great impression of what you have shown them, making it more likely that they will continue to do business with you. If they walk away with the impression that you are running an unprofessional and chaotic company, this could seriously affect your future relationship.

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If you are moving into a new office, you want to get things right from the offset so get in touch with Grange Removals Company. Here are just a few of the ways that you can ensure that the all-important first impression is a positive one.


Positive Interaction


Your first point of order should be to ensure that everyone who works at the company is briefed to interact positively with any client who is in the building. Of course, having a great receptionist is a good starting point as this is often who the clients will meet first. But there may be times when they are taking care of other duties. Therefore, everyone needs to be friendly, approachable and helpful.


A Winning Waiting Area


The area where clients wait for their meeting with you should be a comfortable environment. As well as a sofa, it is a good idea to have some reading material available. Perhaps your company brochure, case studies, recent magazines, and newspapers. If you set it up well, you could even have have a TV playing your corporate video. It is also a nice touch to have some refreshments like fresh fruit, as well as a water machine.


Maintain a Clean Workplace


Cleanliness is still a key way of making sure that you are giving off the right impression to your clients. But when you are in an environment every single day, it can be difficult to notice the little things that may put a visitor off. Worn carpet, chipped paint, dirty coffee cups. It may be worth inviting someone over who you trust to check out your office and point out anything which is not giving off the right impression. You could also ask your cleaner to come on a more regular basis to keep the office looking at its best.


Give Them a Tour of the Premises


Rather than heading straight up to the meeting room, it is a nice idea to give clients a tour of the premises. This way, they can learn more about the business that you are running and meet some of the rest of your team. Make sure the everyone is briefed if this is something which you plan on doing on a regular basis.


Giving your clients the best impression of your business is something which you should be always striving to achieve. If they leave your office with a smile on their face, you have already gone a long way towards securing your future business relationship.