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Must-Try Sales Funnel Ideas You Can Use On Any Website

Must-Try Sales Funnel Ideas You Can Use On Any Website

Getting people to convert via your website is a massive challenge. In fact, it’s probably the most difficult aspect of digital marketing – not outreach or advertising. 

The trick to drumming up sales online is to think in terms of funnels, not websites. In other words, you’re trying to create a path that takes leads from initial interest to sale, not a site that provides them with information. 

In this post. We take a look at some sales funnel ideas you can use on practically any website to boost your conversions and really start leveraging your site

Offer Rewards In Exchange For Email Addresses

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One of the most challenging aspects of lead generation is capturing email addresses. People won’t usually hand them over unless they expect you to be able to deliver them massive value. 

Many websites simply try pop-ups, hoping that these will work. But they rarely do. Yes – some very keen prospects will hand over their email addresses, but the vast majority will not. And that’s a problem. 

However, if you offer them something in return, such as goodies, a free trial or the chance to enter a competition, you’ll get way more email addresses than you ever thought possible. 

Make Your Home Page A Funnel

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Many high-end website design services create home pages for businesses that look less like site maps and more like sales pipelines. The reason for this comes down to the ineffectiveness of regular home pages. Most are just lists of options for prospects, with very little guidance for what they should do next. Sure, individual product and landing pages are funnels, but the home page itself – the most popular page – is not. 

The trick here is to make your home page the main sales funnel – or a funnel of funnels. This way, you can immediately start guiding prospects towards their ultimate destination. 

Include Pricing Tiers

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All good sales funnels should also include pricing tiers at the point at which leads choose the type of product they want. 

Suppose, for instance, that you run a health coaching business and you want to offer people different levels of service. You could have a cheap basic package that grants access to all your online resources and gives customers the chance to ask you questions in a webinar once per month. You then have a more expensive package for people who want group classes or the ability to contact you weekly. And then for top-tier clients, you might be available to coach them via Zoom daily. 

Having these different products allows people to filter through to the option that will provide them the best return on their money. And it gives you a way of charging more for your high-end services. 

When presenting your options, you might want to include some guidance below each option such as “best for people who want to lose weight fast” or “best for small businesses with less than 50 clients.” 

Sales funnels are one of the most powerful conversion tools ever invented. So make sure that you take advantage of them on your site as soon as you can. 

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