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A Personal Brand: Building a Better Relationship With Your Blog Followers

A Personal Brand: Building a Better Relationship With Your Blog Followers

Whether you are starting an online business or you are running a blog, the importance of connecting with your audience is more important than ever. It is one of the biggest challenges that any individual or brand is facing. Because technology has presented brands with the opportunity to forge strong working relationships with customers and individuals on a more personal level, it is more important than ever to guarantee that bloggers work with people effectively. Of course, this is not necessarily a symbiotic relationship, but we can make it one. What can we do as bloggers to guarantee that our business and brand is working effectively?

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The Opportunity for a Two-Way Relationship

Because we are throwing something out to budding blog readers, we’ve got to do something more to instigate a good working relationship. You can create your own community platform, which doesn’t just help to bridge the gap between the blogger and the reader, but it is also a way for you to offer products and services that are intertwined with your brand. This means that when we start to instigate a two-way relationship by providing a unique approach that is communicating our brand and our tone of voice, this will help to let our personality shine. 

Blogging the Way You Speak

When it comes to blogging, you must focus on your tone of voice. Your personality needs to shine through. If you are exclusively communicating with people through blogs, rather than video blogs or podcasts, it’s harder in some ways to let your personality shine. One of the best ways for you to rethink about communicating yourself with your own tone of voice can be to fine-tune your writing skills. But it’s also beneficial for you to utilise tools that can help you communicate yourself as you would speak, such as speech to text software. Ultimately, you can let the device record your thoughts and it stays true to your tone of voice- because it is you. When it comes to writing, get your thoughts out and tidy them up later. You may also want to take advantage of software that reads blogs aloud. Many websites now have the opportunity to play blogs, so people can listen to rather than read. 

Developing a Good Quality Mailing List

Marketing is one of those things that every company will focus on, and as a blogger, you need to do the same. You may feel that you want to go via a grassroots approach, but you still need to have knowledge of how you can pique the interest of people that have stumbled across your blog. Marketing isn’t just through social media. By creating newsletters, it’s the perfect opportunity to give the “greatest hits” of your recent blog and connect with your audience directly in their inbox. By doing this, you can establish trust, but it gives you the chance to share a lot about you. There are a wide variety of ways to capture email addresses from your readers. And yes, while it might not happen quickly, it is an organic method to interact with your readership to build a long-lasting connection. 

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