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Outsourcing: The Departments Your Small Business Should Consider

Outsourcing: The Departments Your Small Business Should Consider

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As a professional, you’re going to want to ensure that your small business always gives off the appearance of operating smoothly and simply. But those who have tried running a small business before will be well aware that behind this facade, there’s a whole lot of work going on, often to a tight schedule. Things don’t just tick over like clockwork alone! Now, if your business is expanding and you’re starting to find that things are becoming difficult to keep on top of, you don’t want the pressure to reflect on the quality of what you’re offering to consumers. But not every business owner wants to employ a permanent workforce. Sometimes all you need is a temporary helping hand to get the workload back under control. In times like this, you should look into outsourcing. It could be the best thing for your company without giving you all too much extra responsibility. Here’s everything you need to know on the subject!


What Exactly Is Outsourcing?


So, chances are that if you’re reading this article, you’re wondering what outsourcing actually is. Whether outsourcing is currently appropriate for you or not, it’s important that you understand it as it is always an option and you never know when your circumstances might change, making it an ideal option for you. In short, it’s a commonly employed business practice through which you distribute certain parts of your work to an independent third party. They can be a self-employed individual or an agency. The benefits of doing this are that you lift a huge weight and workload from your own shoulders. They are likely to be experienced in the field you’re assigning to them, so they will be able to complete the jobs faster and more effectively than you may be able to. They may also have specialist equipment or software which you might not want to fork out for yourself (especially if you’re outsourcing one of jobs).  


Areas to Outsource


Nowadays you can practically outsource any area of your work. But for now, let’s just focus on three of the most commonly outsourced departments in the average workplace: HR, IT, and market research.




HR is short for “human relations”. If you have a staff base, a HR department is almost always essential and should be considered a vital sector for your growing business. Where there are staff, there needs to be management and you may not have the time to effectively monitor staff at the same time as moving your business forward and meeting all of your other responsibilities as a small business owner. HR will do this on your behalf. They will be able to rectify any problems that establish themselves between employees, as well as deciding whether individual members of staff should be removed from the workforce, maintain their position or be promoted. They can also organise holiday leave and request for staff to bring in sick notes in order for sick pay to be negotiated. Now, if you are interested in outsourcing hr, there are plenty of options available. Different agencies will be able to help you with one-off situations or provide prolonged support with your management of staff.

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In today’s technology driven age, IT is probably what keeps your small business ticking over. We’re becoming more and more reliant on computer systems and online operations every single day, seeing as we now conduct sales online, advertise online, and communicate online via email, instant messenger programmes, and social media. Then you should also consider that most of our official documents and paperwork is scanned into computer systems and stored online too! So, it’s important to ensure that your tech is backed up and kept in operation 24/7. A reliable IT support company will be able to do this remotely from their own offices!


Market Research


Market research is an absolutely essential aspect when it comes to making a success of any product, ware, or service your business is planning on providing. Think about it. Coming up with an interesting concept in regards to what you’re going to sell is all well and good. But if you make it and put it straight on the market without conducting a little research, chances are that you’re going to come into a little trouble. After all, what’s to say that what you’re offering doesn’t already exist? If you launch a product only to find someone else has already been offering it for a while, the market is already in their favour, as they’ll already have loyal customers and they’ll have had more time to establish themselves as a brand. You’ll also be going into sales not really knowing how to price what you’re offering and will end up having to do a lot of trial and error, shifting costs and making your customers doubt the actual value of what they’re expected to buy. Conducting just a little market research before each product is put into manufacturing can help you to determine whether your idea is truly innovative and unique. If there are already pre-existing competitors out there, it will allow you to focus attention on improving your product so that it is either superior to theirs, or of equal quality but at a lower price point. It will also allow you to get to know your demographic audience and what money they’d be willing to pay for what you have to offer. However, if you aren’t launching new products or lines regularly, you might not feel the need to have a whole, full-time and permanent market research department. If this is the case for you, you should look into using a market research agency. To find the perfect agency to meet your needs, you should ask to see a portfolio of their previous work, showing how their work has benefitted their previous clients. This will give you confidence in their work!


As you can see, outsourcing can prove to be an extremely sensible and profitable process that benefits you and your company greatly. So, consider the aforementioned areas and do a little research into other areas of outsourcing that might suit your needs well too!


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