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Things To Keep You Active When You Don’t Enjoy The Gym

Things To Keep You Active When You Don’t Enjoy The Gym

We all know that a good level of fitness is crucial to overall health, but when we think of fitness, we often tend to think of hanging about in a gym lifitng weights all day or staying healthy by eating only plant based protein, but let’s be honest: this style of fitness isn’t for everyone, and many people really don’t like the gym, so even if you don’t mind it, but are looking for alternative ways to keep your fitness levels up, then in this post we’re going to share with you some of our tips for the other things you can do to keep active when you don’t really enjoy the gym.

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If you’re not someone who enjoys the gym, then hiking is definitely one of the best activities you can ever do. Not only does it get you outside in nature, but it’s something that will give you a full body work out and allow you to really work all of your muscles at one time in a low impact way. The great thing about hiking is that it’s completely free, you can do it in most places, and you can even meet other people who share similar interests.


Much like hiking, but obviously taking less effort, walking is a great way to stay active and get in exercise without having to go to the gym if you don’t want to. Again, it’s free and can be done anywhere – it’s also great for boosting your mood, so if you struggle with anything like depression or anxiety, then walking even for 20 minutes per day can really make a big difference that you’ll start to notice after a short time.


Tennis is a seriously fun game to play, but not only this, it offers an amazing work out and is an amazing way to stay fit if you play it regularly. So, even if you’ve never played before and are looking to get started, then there are plenty of ways to enjoy this sport by signing up for lessons and then joining a club where you can play with a partner if you find it enjoyable and want to keep playing.


Although it’s perhaps not as active as tennis or the other things listed above, golf is definitely a good sport to get into if you want to keep fit and don’t want to go to the gym all the time. It’s obviusly something that’s done outdoors which is definitely a benefit – especially if you live somewhere with a mild and pleasant climate, and it can be a great activity to get out and meet new people or do with friends and family who share the interest in it. Of course, if you’re a complete newbie to golf then you should have a look online and offline first to get an idea of what kind of equipment is best to buy, etc.


Running is another way to keep active and fit that doesn’t involve a gym unless you’re doing it on a treadmill, and for the sake of this post we’re not focusing on the running you do on a treadmill. Running is again something that’s free, you can do anywhere, anytime, and as long as you have some good running shoes and are dressed for the weather, then you can do it in the middle of winter.

Running is a great activity to do if you don’t have a lot of time to work out since you can do it on the way to work or go for a quick 20 minute run in the morning or evening before or after work if you’re really pushed for time.

It’s also something that’s great for the mood and will help you sleep which can be helpful against things like depression and anxiety.


If you’re looking for a complete body workout that is very low impact and truly works every muscle with very fast results, then you’re going to love swimming for this very reason. Not to mention that swimming is great for relaxing you so it’s good against things like stress, anxiety and depression, and it also helps to regulate the appetite and sleeping patterns, so it really is the all roud mind and body workout.

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