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Could You Be Inadvertently Ruining Your Children?

Could You Be Inadvertently Ruining Your Children?

With many people around the world now using social media daily, it’s almost impossible to go a single day without seeing different opinions on parenting. However, there are some that I’ve come across in the past which seem just straight up stupid. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I’m a big believer in fighting for what you believe in, but when it comes to children there are many people who seem like they are asking for social to be knocking at their door. I’m not a perfect parent, in fact no one is (although many like to believe they are) and social media has been the home to many arguments of parents who think they are right. Here’s a list of some of the more unpopular parenting arguments that could potentially be inadvertently ruining their children. I’m not saying I’m right, but can some people really be that stupid?

Not Vaccinating Your Child

There are many parents around the world who choose not to vaccinate their children because of the rumour that it can cause autism. I’m sorry, but fuck off. Wouldn’t you rather have an autistic child than a DEAD one? Vaccines are created to help the body fight off infectious diseases, not give them to you! I don’t personally buy into the bullshit that vaccines give children autism either. My son is autistic, and yes he was vaccinated but his mental health condition came from a line of family problems, and even if that wasn’t there I still wouldn’t believe it was because of the vaccinations he has had. Again, alive child with autism, or a dead one? Your choice.

Arguing About Breastfeeding

Oh my freaking god when will this argument end about who is right and who is wrong? The answer? No one is wrong. As long as you are FEEDING your child, then who gives a flying fuck about whether you’ve breastfed or not? Yes there are benefits to breastfeeding, we all know them, but some mothers simply don’t want to do it and shouldn’t be labeled as a bad parent when they decide not to do so. I take my hat off to the mothers that have done it, but it doesn’t mean that because they did that they have the right to hound other mothers. I personally didn’t do it, and that’s because I had mastitis in both breasts, and I didn’t like the sensation when Zak was latching. Selfish? Maybe. But my son was fed nevertheless and he’s a happy and thriving child. Let’s stop this absolutely ridiculous argument and start supporting each other yeah?

Cutting Off Access For Fathers When Relationships Break Down

This is one subject that really grinds my gears. I understand why some mothers cut off the fathers, and that could be due to domestic violence or drug use, among many other reasons which are a big no no when it comes to parenting, and that’s totally understandable. However, when I see mothers that cut off access to the father of the child because he’s been a dick to her, it quite frankly pisses me off. If the father hasn’t done anything to directly hurt the child then why does he deserve not to see his child? From day one of me and Zak’s Dad splitting up we have had access equally, and as long as he doesn’t do anything to put him in danger it will continue that way. Whatever happened between us shouldn’t reflect on Zak growing up and not seeing his Dad, and that should be the same for all other children who’s parents are no longer together. Don’t think about the twatty things he did to you, think about your child needing their father.

I also fucking hate it when mothers use their children as a weapon to try and control their exes. Children are children, not weapons, and they certainly don’t deserve to be dragged into an argument that you simply can’t let go of. Do your children a favour and don’t use them as leverage or a weapon against your ex. If he’s not interested, fuck him off. If he is, let him see his children!

Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is an argument which literally breaks the internet. You will get mothers from all areas putting in their two cents on whether or not you should pierce your children’s ears. Again, what? Why would you want to purposefully hurt your child for the sake of a bit of jewelry in their ears? I have a slightly different opinion than most though. I disagree with it when I see newborn babies with their ears pierced, there’s no fucking need for it. However, when children are old enough to know what they want I feel like there can be a bit more leniency. From there on I feel that it’s up to the parents to choose whether they want to allow their child to have it done or not. I definitely don’t think that children should have it done before they can have a say in the matter.

The Solid Food Debate

Much like breastfeeding, the ‘when shall I put my baby on solids’ is a massive debate that many people have different opinions on. Let’s just put it this way, as long as you’re not forcing food down your child’s neck from birth, and you’re using your common sense then why are you looking for approval from other parents? As a parent, you know when your children are ready to begin weaning onto food, and some babies happen to reach that stage much earlier than others. Stop judging other parents and concentrate on making sure you’re keeping your own child alive. With Zak I didn’t feel he was ready until at least five months old, but I’ve got friends who have introduced a small bit of baby rice or rusk to their baby just after the age of three months. It also depends on their development with supporting themselves sitting up and holding their heads up.

I’m not saying in any way that my opinions on these subjects are the right ones, but surely you can agree that some of these things are just plain stupid? The way that I see it is that as long as you’re making sure your child has everything it needs to thrive and that they aren’t in harms way then you’re doing a fab job. Regardless of my opinions above, we all need to stop worrying and judging others.