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The Power House That TikTok Is

TikTok, the app that rose to fame as a platform for sharing short videos of people lip-syncing and performing stunts, is now being recognized as a powerful business tool. TikTok has been credited with helping businesses in several ways, from increasing brand awareness to providing marketing strategies that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. For small businesses especially, TikTok can be […]

3 Workplace Improvements That Will Make It Easier For Your Employees To Return To The Office

Over the past year, your employees have probably mastered the art of working from home. This means you likely incur fewer obstacles during weekly Zoom meetings and have almost forgotten what it’s like to sit face-to-face with your colleagues. However, with restrictions set to ease in the near future, you must start putting plans in place that enable your employees […]

How To Boost Productivity With Connectivity

Get ready for a day full of meetings, phone calls and emails. You are going to need some help keeping your productivity at its highest level. The most common reason for employees not having a good day at work is connectivity.  Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels If your company doesn’t have proper connectivity, or if it’s spotty, then you’re […]