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3 Different Ways to Swaddle Your Baby

3 Different Ways to Swaddle Your Baby

When you learn how to swaddle your baby, you’re able to help them get the sleep that they need, while keeping them safe and sound. There is an art to the swaddle, since you don’t want to do it too loose or too tightly, and need to make sure that your baby is comfortable enough. 

Here are some of the methods that you can use when you’re swaddling your precious baby. 

Having a new baby in your home is a life-changing moment, but it also involves lots of TLC. When you give your baby the care that they need, they’ll have an easier time growing and developing in your happy home. 

1. Swaddle Them With Their Hands Up

The hands-up method is one of the best to try out when swaddling your baby for the first time. This method is particularly helpful if they move around a lot and you don’t want to feel like you’re forcing them into an uncomfortable position. 

You simply spread the blanket out and wrap corners around the hands and arms, before folding them over. Wrapping their limbs in this way will prevent them from scratching their face, and will give them the most comfortable position possible to sleep. 

2. Use the Diamond Method

This method starts with the blanket arranged in the shape of a diamond. Start by folding the top corner down into a triangle and laying your baby on top of it. 

Keep your baby’s arms by their sides, and wrap one side underneath their body, before folding the other side across. Be careful not to wrap it too tightly, and fold the bottom part over once their arms are secure. 

3. Wrap Them Up Like a Burrito 

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with the burrito. As the name suggests, this swaddling technique is more of a circular wrap, just like a burrito. 

This is one of the best ways to wrap your baby because it is simple and straightforward. It’s an easy one to do in a pinch when you aren’t too worried about the neatness of the swaddle and don’t need perfection from it. 

No matter which swaddling technique you prefer, make sure that you always use a blanket that is comfortable, clean, and made with great materials. Choose one that will keep your baby warm but not too hot, so that they don’t have a problem drifting off to sleep. 

You can also check around and search for some newborn swaddles that will be great for your baby. 

Find the Right Way to Swaddle Your Baby

As you can see, a swaddle doesn’t have to be complex. Knowing the different types of swaddling will help you keep your baby comfortable so that they can get all of the sleep that they need. 

New parenthood will raise a lot of questions, so figuring out the swaddling technique you prefer will give you a great task to master along the journey. 

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