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3 Inspiring Ways To Enhance The Customer Service Of Your Business

3 Inspiring Ways To Enhance The Customer Service Of Your Business

Covid-19 has brought a whole host of challenges to small businesses across the UK. While the larger market leaders may have a loyal customer base and profits to fall back on in an effort to survive, smaller ventures may find that their orders halt suddenly and their cash flow hits pause. If you are a startup worrying about your future in a pandemic world, don’t look immediately to your finances. Think outside of the box and focus on your target market by providing an exceptional customer experience. It will be your reputation that precedes you and enables you to thrive as the economy begins to recover. 

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Get Online

As lockdowns have ensued, you need to be aware of the business model that you need to adapt to. With great speed, the world has shifted like never before. Every aspect of society has morphed online. The older generation is beginning to use Zoom to stay in touch with their grandkids and workers across the world are holding meetings via Skype. The shopping habits of consumers have also moved online. You need to keep pace with these customer developments. Get online and enhance your customer service capability on the Internet. Look into further information on live chat software for websites and consider how you can adapt your social media channels for a more intuitive online shopping experience. 

Under Promise Over Deliver

It is more vital than ever that you provide an awesome customer service to every end-user that secures one of your products. If you know that you can get your custom made tee shirt to your customer’s doorstep in two days, state that your delivery time is three days. This way, when they see their graphic tee coming down their driveway twenty four hours early, they will assume that you have gone the extra mile. This illusion will appear even more impressive given the current coronavirus climate that your business is having to work in. While it may seem a little underhand, this tactic will instill that important warm fuzzy feeling in your customer, inspiring them to leave positive feedback for your company online. This can encourage new customers to gravitate towards your website to embark on some online shopping.


In the twenty first century, you need to communicate with your customer base in a less formal and stuffy way. Social media feeds like Twitter are in the public domain and are a great way to communicate instantly. If a potential customer has a query about a product or delivery time, respond within minutes. This is best practice and you should do so in a chatty and friendly way. Others will see your prompt communication and be tempted to do business with you.

When updating your feeds, make sure that you post relevant and readable content. The more engaging your posts are, the more often they will be shared, the more followers you will accrue, and the more sales you will make.

While you may be struggling in a pandemic economy, you need to maintain your focus when it comes to your customers. Your niche will make or break your business, so ensure that you enhance the customer experience of your venture.

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