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The Big Danger To Any Online Business

The Big Danger To Any Online Business

Be you an affiliate or referral scheme member that captures visitor data to keep them coming back to the site, an eCommerce business that takes logins connected to financial accounts, or any other kind of online service provider, you need to beware. Data breaches and theft are consistent on the rise and your kind is especially at risk. So, what can you do to protect your data?

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Secure your site

Most online businesses capture data from their customers on their website. As such, it is essential to take every step to secure your website from top to bottom. That includes implementing multi-step authentication for any logins that your customers might need, as well as encryption, that we will cover later. Furthermore, you should look at the step of getting a security certificate for your website. Not only does it ensure your site is protected, but the HTTPS URL header can give your visitors some peace of mind when visiting too.

Scramble your comms

It might sound like slick hacker lingo but the truth is that encryption is one of the basic fundamentals of good online security. Any data you capture from your customers and clients should go through a process of encryption so ensure it’s enabled on any checkout processes or sign-in and info capture forms. You can also make sure that even your remote workers are scrambling any of the data that gets sent to and from their devices with the help of a business level VPN such as ExpressVPN. This ensures that any data sent to and from devices is nigh unreadable to anyone who might be trying to monitor the connection.

Protect your IT scope

If you have a team that works with a scope of hardware, software, and network tools, every one of them can be a potential vulnerability. Setting up professional-quality anti-malware and firewall software can help, but there is no replacement for resilience. Teams like Levit8 IT Solutions can ensure you have the right protective measures in place on your website. Furthermore, they can also provide live monitoring of your IT scope so that, if there are any signs of a breach, you can shut things down, isolate it, and get rid of it ASAP.

Teach your team

Lastly, it’s important to remember that the vast majority of data breaches and security incidents are caused not by particularly smart hackers cracking open your security, but by your own people opening the door for them. This is often done inadvertently, as people may leave their terminals open or fall for a phishing scam that allows hackers to breach your system incredibly easily. To that end, check out the ways to develop a security culture in your business from top to bottom with the help teams like Cyber Risk Aware.

Whether you’re running a solo business online or you have a team working with internet-powered tools, the data you store both on the business and customers is highly valuable. Follow the tips above and ensure you’re taking your responsibility to protect it seriously.

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