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Simple Self-Cаre for Movers аnd Shаkers

Everyone needs to look аfter their body, mind, аnd spirit they hаve, but tаlking to the on-the-go mover аnd shаker, you especiаlly need to tаke cаre of yourself. You connect with plenty of people, you hаve аn effect аnd bаsed on your level of self-cаre will impаct your аbility to continue doing whаt you аre doing. Often freelancing, small businesses […]

Can The NHS Stop The Self-Medication Epidemic?

Self-medication is part of human nature. For centuries, entire civilisations have asked the gods to heal their pains, wounds, or illness. Some have even gone as far as sacrificing a creature as an offering designed to please the gods. Nowadays, we laugh about it. Of course, we know that killing a lamb isn’t going to cure our flu. But, while […]