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How To Maintain A Positive Outlook On Life

Sometimes, without even realizing it, we can become very negative in terms of the way we think and the way we see things. It’s so easy to become cynical about the world when all we seem to see on the news is constant injustice and tragedy, all while we may be dealing with our own pain and heartache. But negativity will prevent you from being able to truly enjoy your own life, because it will just be that dark cloud that is hanging heavy above your head, and you don’t want that do you?

All you need to do is make small adjustments in your life, and you can turn the environment you’re living in into a happier place for your mind.

Here’s how to do that.

Reframe your challenges.

It’s important to tell yourself that you can never get stuck. There are no dead ends when it comes to challenges that you will face in your life – only redirections. Sometimes there are things that we just can’t control, no matter how much we may try, and the sooner you can accept that the sooner you can let go and be at peace with it. Do not let uncontrollable happenings drive you mad – its life, things happen. Instead, think about the things that we can control, like our smiles, our communication, our social skills, and our relationships with others.

Exercise is the only drug.   

Exercise is a wonderful way to keep a positive mind, even if you don’t feel like it at the time. This is because it triggers the release all of the happy chemicals like endorphins, that generally make you feel good, even euphoric at times. A Pilates workout is a very fun thing to do that not only keeps you nice and fit, but allows your mind to be cleared from any troubles, and focuses on finding your calm and happy place that everyone needs to visit sometimes.

Keep a gratitude journal.

You may think this sounds rather silly, but sometimes an event or experience will happen that can completely ruin your whole day, and this means even if something good happened earlier, the bad is always a lot better at overshadowing. So knowing that our minds tend to hold onto the negative, we can intentionally focus on the positive instead. You can do this by writing down at least three things that you feel truly grateful for every single day. You will soon see how your attitude starts to change because you’re deliberately forcing yourself to focus on the good.

Get good at being rejected.

Being rejected is horrible, it makes you feel like crap, and you won’t want to put yourself out there ever again. But, little did you know, that rejection is actually a skill. It’s not easy to fail the job that you were going for, or get broken up with on your birthday (yes, it happens!). Only the strong and talented can deal with it, which is you. So rather than letting it put you down – embrace it as an unidentified challenge that will soon come in handy one day in the future.

Positive Power: How to Lose Weight With a Smile on Your Face

Losing weight is difficult. From all the exercises we do to the luxury foods we have to give up, it can leave us feeling incredibly worn out, depressed and lacking the motivation to continue on. It’s no surprise that many of us give up our weight loss goals early into the ordeal, and it takes a lot of hard work to regain any sense of composure to try again.


If this reminds you of your own attempts at losing weight, then don’t worry—it happens to everyone. What you’re likely missing is positive energy and the motivation to keep going. In this guide, we’ll be looking at ways to improve your positivity in order to give you a better chance of losing weight in the future.

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What is your motivation?


Why do you want to lose weight? What’s your reason for improving your health? Lately, it’s become difficult for people to really find a reason to lose weight other than to “look better”, and this is completely acceptable. Perhaps you find it difficult to date because of your weight, or maybe you’re having trouble with your partner because of your weight issues. These are embarrassing and often depressing situations, but they make real reasons for wanting to lose weight.


Motivation is the key to losing weight because it gives you positive energy knowing that you’re reaching your goals. For instance, if your motivation for losing weight is to assist in your current health, then it will feel fantastic when you make noticeable changes to your lifestyle. Perhaps you stop getting out of breath when you walk up the steps to your home, or maybe you find yourself being able to walk for longer distances without feeling your knees hurt. There are many small signs that let you know you’re doing a great job, and by setting reasonable goes and a source of motivation you can feel positive about all the small challenges you overcome.


Motivation can also come in the form of help. Recognised gym courses are great because you’re paired with someone who can motivate and teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle. It might sound expensive, but the support, assistance and motivation you get are absolutely priceless. Of course, it’s a good idea to look at reviews before you hire a personal trainer to help you. There’s a huge difference between a good and a bad personal trainer, and only the best are capable of making you feel fantastic each time you finish a set of exercises or reach new targets.


A lot of the time, people find it incredibly difficult to maintain their weight loss goals because they don’t feel motivated. They don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and they don’t receive the positive energy they need to continue with their exercise and diet plans. Motivation can make us do a lot of powerful and wonderful things so it’s important to rely on it. Set yourself up some goals, ask yourself what your reason for losing weight is, and set small realistic goals to promote positive energy and a sense of accomplishment.

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Reduce the strain


Weight loss can make us feel absolutely horrible at times. Taking on an extra few sets of exercises can make our bodies hurt, it can make our minds hazy and we’ll hate ourselves the next morning for torturing our bodies. While the “no pain no gain” saying is somewhat true, you don’t have to inflict pain on yourself just to lose weight.


The strain of weight loss comes in two main forms: physical and mental. Physical strain comes from pushing your body to its limits both in terms of how much food you cut and also how much exercise you do. The mental strain comes from limiting yourself to certain things and decreasing your quality of life for the sake of exercise. It takes a strong mind to be able to balance these both.


For instance, mental strain can occur when you punish yourself for failing to do exercises, or when you refuse to go out with friends out of fear that you will end up drinking and binging on food. This is why people have cheat days in their workout routines. These are days where you can reward yourself and make yourself happy. You can eat all the food you want (as long as it’s within reason), you can go out to see you friends and have some alcohol, and you can skip your exercises for that day. However, it’s important not to have too many cheat days. Limit yourself to once a week or every two weeks to ensure that you’re not overdoing it.


The physical strain comes from how much you push yourself during exercises. If you ever feel lightheaded after working out or feel sick after pushing yourself, then it’s a clear sign that you need to rethink your workout routine. First, determine if those effects are the result of your own body or preexisting conditions. There are some medical conditions that could cause lightheadedness or nausea after working out. Exercising under these conditions is harmful to your body and could diminish any kind of effort you’ve put into your weight loss. In addition, you could put your entire body and life at risk by pushing yourself to limits that you shouldn’t be hitting.


In order to be positive and lose weight with a smile on your face, you can’t push your body to the point where you’re feeling sick. Stick to lower-intensity training and exercises until you can take the added strain. It’s important that you don’t work yourself to a point where you want to give up, so go easy on your body and stop stressing yourself out so much. Exercise is important, but it’s half the battle and your diet also needs to be taken into consideration.

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Making small changes


Making drastic changes is no way to do anything when it comes to your health. Switching to healthier alternatives in life is always a good idea. Be it getting off the bus a stop or two early and walking or switching from soda to water, these are admirable changes that can make a huge change to your lifestyle. Unfortunately, it can be difficult making all of these changes at once, which is why it’s important to make gradual improvements to your life.


Your lifestyle (in other words, the things you do on a regular basis) have a huge effect on how you shape your body. For instance, if you live in the city and most of the stores you need are close, then you’re more likely to walk to those destinations to purchase things. However, if you live on the outskirts then you probably drive a lot more. If you live in the countryside then there’s a good chance you use a bike a lot for exercise and transport, and if you live in an apartment complex without an elevator then you probably have to walk a lot each day.


If your lifestyle doesn’t include healthier habits then you need to will yourself to gradually change your attitude. For example, if you walk by a fast food place and regularly purchase your dinner from there after work, make it a habit of walking a different path to avoid it or visit a grocery store instead to buy ingredients to cook dinner. If you find yourself taking the bus a lot or using elevators, then consider taking stairs or walking more. Don’t make huge changes to your lifestyle—simple ones will do fine.


When it comes to your diet, remember that you don’t have to make huge changes immediately. If you want to cut down on soda, consider drinking diet soda for a while, then lower it to sparkling water or fruit juice, then finally water. These gradual changes are important because it makes you more likely to stick with them. Occasionally drinking some soda after you switch your diet is fine, but as you make these changes you’ll slowly move away from unhealthy drinks and snacks in favour of healthier ones.


No one likes to force themselves to drink water all day after they’ve gotten used to sparkling drinks, caffeinated drinks and so on. Similarly, people hate eating just salads and skipping out their favourite sweets. Striking the right balance by making small gradual changes is the best way to lose weight. They’re easier to cope with, they’re simple enough to become part of your lifestyle over a long period of time and you won’t feel terrible about it.


To conclude, weight loss is all about having a positive mindset. If you’re not feeling great when you start working out and dieting then you won’t be successful. You need to make gradual changes to your lifestyle and slowly work towards burning off excess fat. Stay positive and don’t force yourself into uncomfortable or frustrating situations. Focus on trying to stay happy with the changes in your lifestyle so you can lose weight with a smile on your face.

Autumn & Winter Fitness: What You Need To Know

Keeping fit during autumn and winter isn’t fun.


There’s no point denying it, is there? Winter is the season when we’re all meant to be curled up watching movies while it snows outside. It’s the season of blankets, mugs of tea, and quiet nights spent trying to persuade yourself you don’t need to turn the thermostat up another notch. With all of these activities on your mind, few of us have the motivation to keep up a fitness regime.


There’s a good reason for this, too. While humans don’t hibernate, we do have a tendency to want to hide away during autumn and winter. Most people feel more lethargic during these seasons too, which is exacerbated by a lack of natural daylight. We’re also more likely to overeat during the winter months, which means the lack of fitness activity to compensate can be felt even more when it comes to fitting into our December party dresses.


So even though it’s only just autumn, it’s worth thinking about the cold months to come and the knock they might make on your fitness regime and overall health. If you’re going to breeze into spring with a smile on your face, it might be worth making a few adjustments over winter. Adjustments such as…


#1 – Take Advantage Of Winter Sports


You might think that autumn and winter are killers of outdoor fitness activities and, to an extent, they are. Few of us are going to go out for a hike or run when the freezing temperatures set in.


However, there are a few sports and activities that increase in popularity over winter, so it’s worth considering adding these into your regime. Ice skating, for example, is perfect for this time of year and will give you a thorough all-over body workout. You could also consider heading to a snow dome (if the weather doesn’t supply you with the real stuff) and trying out skiing.


#2 – Increase Your Activity Levels To Allow For Seasonal Treats


You’re likely going to want to eat more over autumn and winter, a problem made all the worse by the delights on offer. It’s a season of sweets for Halloween and sweets for Christmas, not to mention the pumpkin spice lattes that are calling your name.


If you do indulge, then make sure you compensate by upping your fitness routine or even trying weight loss pills. Focus more on cardio activity, which will help you burn off the excess calories faster than strength training. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional seasonal treat, so long as you increase your activity levels as a result.



#3 – Check Your Vitamin D Levels


As has been mentioned a few times, people are more likely to feel lethargic over the winter months. Vitamin D deficiency is also a culprit for the seasonal lack of energy. If you’re going to keep your fitness up as described above, then you need energy. If you find yourself struggling, then ask your doctor for a Vitamin D test to see if you might have a deficiency that’s draining your get-up-and-go. This is well worth doing and follows medical advice; it’s recommended that everyone in the UK take Vitamin D supplements, though do speak to a doctor before you supplement.


By focusing on these three areas, you should be able to make it through to spring in fine form.

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Project Improve Myself: Week One

I’m on a major self-help mission at the moment. As you may have read in my last post, I’ve not been feeling too good about myself lately and I need to make a change in my day to day life. I’ve decided to not only improve my health but to improve all other aspects of my life too so that I can feel happier on the whole. I thought I’d document the change(s) that I’m going to be making so that if anyone else wants to join in and improve themselves, then they can.

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Sunday is the day that I get Dinky back from his Dad’s, and it’s the best day of the week for me because we get to spend the whole day relaxing and being ourselves. The change that I’m going to implement today is that I’m going to blitz our home and make it super clean for the new week that begins tomorrow. This way we can get up on Mondays to a freshly cleaned home, and it will make the transition from Sunday into Monday that little bit easier on us all.

The next thing that I need to do today is to go and do the weekly shop. We’re all making a conscious effort to buy healthier foods now, so I’m going to step it up a notch and buy completely healthy food so that we’ve all got no choice but to eat healthier. This week I’ve not been feeling too well. I’ve had a headache behind my eyes for the majority of the week, and I’m certain that it’s stress. However, crappy food and drink wouldn’t have helped the situation either. I’m tired of feeling sluggish and want to make the change now.


Back to the routine of work and school runs from Monday, and I’m going to make the effort to stop being so lazy and actually walk the school run to get Dinky from school. We live close to the top of a hilly town, and Dinky’s school is at the bottom. I can’t think of a better way to get our heart rates up than marching up and down the hill each day.

Since I’ve become self-employed, I’ve been constantly looking at ways to improve my standard of work, and I’m always looking at new opportunities for me to take on. This week I’ve got a few things lined up that I’ve never done before, so I’m feeling optimistic at the idea of a change in my workload too.

Dinky goes to his Dad’s every Thursday afternoon, so the school run won’t be applicable on Friday but I do tend to pile a lot of work onto myself on a Friday when I’ve got the chance to work without any distractions.


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As I mentioned earlier, I’ve got a large food shop to do today and I’m going to make it so that we’re only eating healthy food. I’m going to start planning our meals for the week and precooking as much as I can to make it easier to stick to a healthier lifestyle.

On the menu tonight is going to be a grilled chicken and couscous medley, with a light garlic dressing and salad. It’s super easy to throw together, and it’s really low in calories and fat. It’s also one of those meals that you can precook, and warm through when you’re ready to eat. Perfect for Mr Pie’s random work schedules.

Admittedly I’ve not planned meals for the rest of the week yet, but once I’ve got the food in I’m going to sit down and write a meal plan out, pin it to the fridge and stick to it.

I’d love to get some tips and tricks on how I can continue making changes for the better in our lifestyle. Has anyone else ever had enough and started making changes? What did you do to successfully change your lives? Get in touch below!


Much love xx

Improving My Health For A Better Life

Lately I have been struggling with my health, and for once it’s not my mental health. It seems like one thing after another lately. As soon as my mental health started to improve, my physical health seemed to decline and that’s why it’s time for me to make a change once and for all. I’m fed up of always having something to complain about, and I’m also fed up of looking in the mirror and hating what I see. My overall health needs to improve, and soon. I have become lazy with a lot of things, including simple tasks like going to the shops, keeping our home tidy and wanting to walk to and from the school to keep fit. I know that’s not who I usually am so I need to get myself into gear and find some new habits to form.

What’s the plan?


First and foremost, my plan is to find a way of changing my eating habits without feeling like I’m on some sort of diet. The one thing that seems to throw me off is the feeling that I can’t have a certain food because I tend to rebel against myself and eat it anyway.

I think the key here is to not make anything off limits, but to try and have only small amounts of the ‘naughty’ food, just enough to satisfy any cravings. For example, if I fancy some chips with my dinner, rather than not allowing myself to have any, I’ll substitute a large amount of what I’d normally have for a salad or vegetables. Doing that alone should improve my eating habits dramatically; therefore improving my health. This way I have a chance of losing weight without banning all of my favourite foods.


Admittedly, the school run is much easier when Mr Pie can take me and Dinky there because he then takes me home to work and heads off to work himself, so walking the route to school each day seems a little redundant. On his days off however, I plan on leaving him to relax in bed and taking Dinky to school myself to make sure that we are both getting a few days a week of exercise.

When I haven’t got Dinky, I’m going to start taking myself off on walks in my free time not just for my body, but for my mind too. I spend countless amounts of hours each day in front of a computer, so taking myself away for a short time each day will help me clear my head. Plus, where we live is so beautiful too so I could also get some pictures for my Insta!


Lately, home life has been pretty crap, simply because of the amount of work that Myself and Mr Pie have taken on lately. Our plan is to move and buy our own home soon, so working to generate the money has been essential in our minds. We do however, enjoy drink in the evenings which means that things like housework are sometimes neglected. I am going to make time each day to keep up and maintain our home so that when we do come to relax, we don’t have to feel bad about neglecting our home.


Even though in the last year I’ve come on leaps and bounds with my mental health, I still find myself stressing massively over small things which turns into me feeling awful about myself, or snapping at my loved ones.

I’ve been reading about meditation and I’m going to give it a go so that each evening, I can simply listen to some relaxing music and let my stresses go.

Even though I’ve said this on my blog a thousand times, I’m going to give this new me a good go. I can’t continue hating myself forever because it’s going to end up driving people away that care about me and it’s also not going to help my anxieties in the long run.

Has anyone else felt like this before? How did you get through it? I’d love to know.

Much love xx





Autumn Health Habits You Should Be Forming

After a lovely summer of holidays, hanging out with friends and enjoying some quality time outdoors, it’s time to refocus on your health. Autumn is a great time to give your mental and physical health a boost, ready in time for winter. To help you get started, here’s a rundown of some top autumn health habits you should be forming.
Eating a balanced diet

It’s easy to let your diet summer between holidays and days out picnicking in the sun. Autumn is the best time to recover and get back into the habit of making nice, home-cooked meals packed with nutrients. Soups, stews and casseroles make nice hearty dishes that can bulk-prepared and feature plenty of vegetables to help you get those vitamins and antioxidants. Take a look at some tasty autumn recipes and start eating right this season.

Get exercising outdoors

Just because the weather’s chillier, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a bit of outdoor exercise to get your blood pumping and help you stay fit. Walking is a great exercise to enjoy during the autumn months, and you can get some great cross country walking tips to make sure you’ve got all the essentials prepared. Outdoor classes or cycling are other popular ways to get fit, while autumn is a great time of year to take up running as the conditions are optimal for avoiding heatstroke or dehydration.

Give your skin a detox

A summer spent in the sun can cause problems for your skin. Being exposed to UV rays, sunburn and a lack of moisture can all leave your skin looking dull and tired – which is why an autumn detox is essential. You’ll find some great tips for detoxing your skin online, including recommendations for products to use. Make sure that you use a detoxing clay face mask once a week to help your skin recover from damage and restore your skin to glowing health. A good moisturiser will also help to ward off dry skin during the colder weather to make sure it stays hydrated and soft.

Get a good night’s sleep 

Sleep is one of the most important lifestyle elements for you to care about, and you should be aiming to get at least 8 hours a day. It can be tricky to establish a good sleep routine after a summer spent enjoying lie ins and late nights, but it’s important for your health that you try. Try to avoid electronics an hour before bed and if you can, do a bit of yoga before you sleep. This will help to calm your mind and prepare your body to snooze and leave you feeling great. 
While it’s important to take care of your health all year round, autumn can be a good time to get back on track.Taking care of yourself now could help you to ward off pesky colds and viruses and keep your health in check through the winter.A hectic summer can leave you feeling tired and sluggish, but forming some nice healthy habits will help you feel re-energised and ready for the months ahead.

Detox Tea – Te Divinia – Day Five Review

I’m already on day five of my review of Te Devinia’s detox tea! This week has gone so quickly!

So, let me update you on what’s been going on. In my last article, I mentioned about a flush that you should expect when you’re taking the detox tea, which basically flushes all of the horrible toxins and crap out of your colon. I also mentioned that I hadn’t had one yet, and then once my article was published, guess who had a flush?

It doesn’t hurt at all it just kind of happens, and I’ve got to admit I have felt even less bloated since it happened!

What about food?

I have been trying my best to eat as healthy as possible all week. There have been some minor slip ups, but I feel like I’m eating better than I was before, especially since my flush.

I am going to continue eating healthily even after this review has ended because I feel like I’ve been experimenting more in the kitchen, and I’m sure Mr. Pie has loved not having to cook!

I’ve now got two days left of the review, and I think I might even have some tea leftover as well so I will keep using it after the weigh in day.

Check back on Monday for my results!


Don’t Let Good Habits Die Hard In A New Relationship

Entering a new relationship is always an exciting time. You wake up thinking about them and go to sleep with a smile on your face. Every text gives you butterflies and the time you spend together seems to go too quickly. It is, however, too easy to slip into bad routines as you become more comfortable with one another, and you can soon begin to slip into bad routines that can be bad for your money, mind, and health. In this article are going to be some ways that you can ensure none of these things happen.


Even though going out on dates to restaurants, bars, and other exciting places is brilliant, make sure that you’re budgeting all of this cost into your regular income. Not wanting to have to say no is totally understandable, but you should simply just explain that you can’t afford it at the moment. It’s easy to think to yourself that you will be fine, but when it comes to the crunch you can’t pay your bills.


Instead of going out and spending lots of money, you could offer to cook for your new partner. There’s nothing better than eating a home cooked meal, renting a movie and snuggling on the sofa. It will also give you both a chance to get to know each other a little bit more without the distractions of the outside world.



Even though you probably want to spend every waking second with them, having time away from each other is good for both of you. One mistake that many people make is being together all of the time and forgetting who they were when they were single. Make sure that you’re still creating time to spend with your friends. Neglecting them could be a bad idea, especially if your new relationship doesn’t work out. Being with your new partner all of the time will make you rely on them, and keeping your independence is important especially for those times where you are out with your friends separately. You want to be able to enjoy the time you have alone with your friends without worrying what your partner is up to. Trust is key in any relationship, new or old.


Spending time alone will also give you the chance to make sure that you’re looking after yourself properly. Taking a long hot bath, making a meal and catching up on your favorite TV shows will get you back to yourself in no time. Plus, you’ve heard the saying distance makes the heart grow fonder right?



As mentioned earlier, you might be going out on many dates and eating amazing meals, but have you thought about how this will have an effect on your health? It’s easy to gain some weight as you become content with your new partner, but be careful not to let yourself slip too much because it could massively decline your health.


Instead of opting for the plush meals that are on offer at the restaurant, why not ask if they could substitute the fries out for a salad, or even opting for a meal with fewer calories in? Most menus these days display the nutritional value. Try to go for something that’s going to be kinder to your waistline.


Making sure that you don’t neglect your skin care is also important too. We all have our own routines of washing and moisturizing our skin and when you enter a new relationship it’s easy to forget about. Keep up with your usual routine will keep your skin looking and feeling at it’s best. Try using organic essential oils with your skin care routine. They can also work wonders around the home and give off great health benefits like easier breathing and sleeping.


If you have an exercise routine (which if you don’t, you should) make sure that you keep that up as much as possible too. It’s as easy to gain weight through not exercising just as easy as it is through eating more than you’re used to. If your new partner has a routine too, maybe you could do it together to encourage each other not to quit on yourselves.


It’s likely that you won’t be spending as much time at home because you will be out and about with your partner, and possibly staying over for the night at their home once in awhile too. One thing that many people admit to when they get into a new relationship is their home becomes neglected and forgotten about while they’re off having fun. They admit to becoming lazy when it comes to household chores and DIY tasks. Make sure that you take time to keep your home up to scratch. There’s nothing worse than having to try and quickly wash and dry an outfit for a date. If you keep up with all of your chores you shouldn’t have any problems. Also, imagine your new partner coming over to your home and it was in a mess? You’d be mortified.


Progressing in the relationship

It comes to a stage in most relationships where both parties are ready to move in together, and take things forward. If you’re at this stage then make sure that again, you don’t neglect your money, health, friends and home. Wherever you will both be living, make sure that you set up chores for the both of you to be doing. Many relationships suffer when the couple decides to move in together because one of them doesn’t do their housework; therefore arguments arise.


Make sure that you still make time for your friends too. You could host dinner parties at home and invite both yours and your partners friends to mingle. This way, you can spend time with your friends and your loved one. It’s likely that if you’ve moved in together that you can see some sort of future, so it’s understandable that you’d want to spend a little more time together than before. Although, many couples admit to struggling when they move in together because of how much more time they have to spend together. It can be hard when you’re used to your own space to then suddenly have to share it with your partner.


Money can also be a big issue when you move in with a partner, especially if one of you earns a considerable amount more than the other. Before moving in, sit down together and estimate how much your property will need for utility bills, rent/mortgage, food and any luxuries you both want. Once you have a figure, work out who will be paying which bills but make sure you’re keeping it fair to both parties. You will also need to work out how you’re going to keep all of your spare money. You might choose to keep your spare money separate. If this is the case, then you can each save for separate things that you want. Many couples though, choose to combine their spare money to save for something for their future. This might be saving for a deposit on a property, a new car, or even a holiday for the pair of you. Whichever you decide to go for, make sure you plan all of this before moving in together.


Moving in together often poses a threat on the relationship because of the decision to unite and live together. It’s likely that in your spare time away from work you will both be doing things together, and because some people are used to being alone it might be hard for them to adapt to living with someone. It’s true that you never really know someone until you move in with them. Moving in can also bring out bad habits that you might not have seen before.


Another thing that you should both establish if you’re choosing to move in together is what you both see from your future together. Many couples rush to move in together because they’re loved up and don’t truly know each other and their plans in life. Relationships often break down because one party wants children, whereas the other half doesn’t. Make sure you’re both in it for the long haul, and with a similar outcome.


It seems like there are a lot of things to think about, and a lot of rules to follow when you get into a new relationship. In the reality of it all though, trusting your common sense and following your heart will land you with someone that you can see a future with. There’s no rules when it comes to love. It just happens. If you find yourself falling in love then run with it, because it’s the most amazing thing in this world!

Detox Tea – Te Divinia – Day Three Review

This week I have been reviewing Te Divinia for a good friend of mine. Even though today is day four, I’m giving you my day three review today. I was meant to do it yesterday but another good friend of mine went into early stages of labour so I had her children for the day so she could try and sort herself out – still no appearance from baby though!

Anyway, I’ve been doing the detox tea for three days now. I’m refusing to weigh myself until a week has passed but I’m hoping to have lost a few pounds by then! I definitely feel less bloated, which has been lovely!

Also, normally I suffer from severe heartburn and indigestion and I have to take omeprazole. I ran out a few days ago and while waiting for my prescription to be renewed I haven’t suffered at all which has been a refreshing change to normal.

Before I started the detox tea, my friend told me that I should expect a “flush”, which is basically me being sat on the toilet while my body clears out all of the nasty crap from my colon. This hasn’t happened yet but saying that I missed two of my teas yesterday. I have, however, felt sensations is my stomach like things are moving about so I think that might be soon!

I’ll give you all another update on day five or six and let you all know on my progress!

The Only Healthy Lifestyle Choices You Should Care About

We hear a lot about being healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, we hear too much. So much so that it’s not easy to be able to work out what you should be doing to keep yourself happy, healthy, and on track. There’s a lot to take in, and if you were to try and make every change, you’d probably find yourself leading a life you’re unhappy with. So what are you to do? Well, you need to focus on the choices that can make a difference, and not just to your health, but to your mood and happiness overall. So let’s take a look at five that can do just that.


Learn To Love Exercise


Although you may despise it and think it’s best left to the fitness buffs, you’re going to want to learn to love exercise – or at least like it. If you want to be healthy, exercise is a crucial component for your bag of tricks. Even if you just do a bit, every now and again, moving around and getting your heart rate going is important not only for the health of your body but your mind too. Because exercise can keep you happy and spirited, as well as your body healthy.


Drink More Water


Next, you’re going to need to work on drinking more water. Not everyone loves drinking water, but it is essential to good levels of health. Your body is made up mostly of water, so if you want it to function well, you have to keep those levels up. Plus, when your body is properly hydrated, you’ll find that you have more energy, that you’re able to lose some weight, and you should also benefit from clear skin too – and what’s not to love about that?


Eat Balanced, But Well


Then there’s always food to think about. Because when you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, food will always come into the equation. Whether you’re wondering how to follow a vlcd to help you lose weight, or how to use food to fuel your workout, you’re going to want to do your research and play around with what works for you. Above all else, aim to be balanced with what you eat, but try to eat well. If you do, you should find that you’re able to achieve consistent levels of health throughout your life.


Focus On Quality Sleep


But you also need to be thinking about your quality of sleep too. Because, like hydration, sleep is essential for your body to function as well as it can. Although it’s not easy to get a good night’s sleep, by working with healthy sleep tips, you should find a way that works for you. With good levels of sleep, you should find that you have more energy that can contribute to your healthy lifestyle.


Cut Back On Toxins


Finally, you also need to be able to avoid as many toxins as possible. You may not realize it, but things like stress and a high alcohol intake can damage your health levels across the course of your life. But if you’re able to watch what you drink and avoid stress, you should find that you feel healthier in yourself overall.