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5 Tips On Preparing For A Seasonal Celebration At Home

5 Tips On Preparing For A Seasonal Celebration At Home

Now lockdown restrictions are easing here in the UK, I’m very much looking forward to seeing members of my family that I haven’t seen in over a year! My parents are brilliant hosts, and always put on amazing gatherings full of delicious food and drink.

If you’re like me, you’re probably looking forward to celebrating with your family again – in your own home! I’ve put together some ideas so you can host an incredible seasonal celebration at home once restrictions are lifted.

Cook seasonal snacks

If you’re going to be hosting your celebrations around a particular holiday or season of the year, why not bake cupcakes to match the theme? One of my favourite things to do with Zak is bake cupcakes and decorate them around Halloween time and Christmas time, but you can do it any time of the year! Baking in the spring? Use an Easter theme! Baking in the Autumn? Use fall colours to decorate your delicious cupcakes. Or if cupcakes aren’t your thing, you could get creative by trying out one of these amazing seasonal recipe ideas.

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Get the kids to craft decorations

Little touches like decorated candle holders and garlands are a great way to celebrate a particular time of the year. One thing we used to do as kids were crafting our own placemats at Christmas. One year, my brother and I personalised the placemats with the names of our guests and a (poor) drawing of each member. Get the children involved by making seasonal decorations for your home!

Welcome your guests warmly

You haven’t seen your family face to face for such a long time, so be sure to greet them warmly with welcome signs outside your home and a Welcome SVG or a Hello SVG doormat to make your guests feel right at home. You could even create gift bags for your guests to show them how much you’ve missed them.

Create a seasonal playlist

Seasonal songs aren’t just for Christmas! One thing I really enjoyed when I was in my teens was creating playlists for parties at home. If you’re celebrating around Halloween, find spooky and abstract songs to add to your playlist, and if you’re celebrating mid-summer, create a playlist that’s packed with songs that remind you of a beautiful summers day.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Find seasonal activities

You’ve got seasonal cupcakes, decorations, an amazing welcome to your home, and you’ve even sorted the music out, but what are you going to do with your guests? If the weather is nice, consider setting up activities outside for the children that match the season such as a paddling pool for the summer, or a treasure hunt during the winter. You can, of course, do plenty of activities inside too! If the weather isn’t being kind, you may even consider adding a fancy dress to your party theme.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is that you should enjoy every second of your special seasonal celebration. It’s been far too long since we’ve been able to hug our loved ones, so cherish every moment.

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