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6 Little Ways to Show Your Partner How Much You Appreciate Them

6 Little Ways to Show Your Partner How Much You Appreciate Them

When we see the movies it is always those grand gestures that take the the breath away. But in real life more often than not those exact gestures tend to seem a bit over inflated. It is like we are waiting for that one big date to show our partner how much we love them. When in truth, it should be about the little things, showing our love and appreciation without minding the date. It is that everyday care that can really benefit a relationship, and here to help you are six little way you can show your partner how important they are to you.

Notice them

This might sound a bit strange, but a lot of things we and our partner do go completely unnoticed. Those little gestures or positive habits that used to awe us at the beginning of the relationship we start to get used to. So whenever you see your partner doing something positive around the house, whether it is doing the dishes or recording your favourite show without you having to ask, tell them how much the gesture means to you. That way they will feel noticed, like you are not taking them for granted. Therein is the key to a successful relationship.


Now we have you going – ‘What on Earth are these people writing’. But try to see how often you do actually smile at your partner on the daily basis. Now being tired is no excuse, it is not their fault, they should see the love and happiness when you see them after being apart for most of the day. If you can, sneak in a look or two along with a smile whenever you are doing something together. It won’t go unnoticed and you are bound to help your partner understand how much they mean to you. So, yeah, smile!

Master the art of gift giving

And again not the grand gifts you plan a year ahead. We are talking about subtle and charming gift ideas that are bound to surprise your partner and make them feel appreciated. It can be a personalized item to remind them of a moment you shared together. Or something funny and crazy simply to draw a smile on their face. And remember, gifts like these do not require a whole ceremony, they should be given causally, or simply left in plane site for your partner to find. That way you will be showing your appreciations without forcing them to do the same just because you made such a big deal about it.

The power of post-its

Leave a note or two from time to time in various places in your home just as a little thank you or I love you gesture. Your partner is bound to be surprised and it will draw out a smile regardless of the time of the day. So why not try it. It can contain a sentence or two or simply a heart and a smiley face. This will let them know that you are thinking of them and that you appreciate them. Simple, isn’t it?

Don’t forget to say thank you

Over time, in a relationship we tend to get used to our partner doing certain things for us or around the home, and we simply start taking them for granted. This can be hurtful for the other person, so make sure you say thank you as often as you can Even if it is something small as helping you prepare dinner. Just a little thank you now and then can make a huge difference in the way our partner feels and is bound to show our appreciation.

Make sure you don’t forget the little gestures

Making your partner coffee or breakfast in the morning should not be reserved for special occasions. You can do it whenever you have the time, depending on who wakes up first. And if you have distributed chores, offer to take over some of theirs if you have additional time and you see they are struggling. It is these little gestures that show your partner you care and you are making an effort to make their life easier.


This things are easy enough to do but they can make a world of difference in your relationship. However, keep in mind that you too need to feel appreciated in the relationship, so none of these gestures should be one-sided at all times.