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Ayr Vaping – Quitting Smoking and it’s benefits.

Quitting smoking is probably one of the best things you can do for your health.

As a smoker myself, it’s something that always crosses my mind but I never actually manage to do it or even try for that matter.

When I was pregnant with Dinky, quitting smoking was the easiest thing to do because I had him to quit for, not just myself. So why did I start again?

That first night away from the baby that you so desperately need. He was about three months old and it was his first time staying at my parents away from me. I was invited to a friend’s birthday party and once I’d had a few glasses of wine, out came the cigarettes. If I could go back to that day I would and I’d not reach for a fag. I know it will be really hard to quit smoking for the second time.


Why should I consider quitting smoking?

As pretty much everyone knows, smoking can be the cause of many cancers and not just lung cancer. There are so many different chemicals in a cigarette, all of which are dangerous to inhale.

When you smoke, not only do you harm yourself but you are putting other people around you in danger too. Second-hand smoke can kill just as easily as smoking itself.

You and your clothes smell, even as a smoker I hate the smell of smoke if someone walks past me. I am always really conscious of the way I smell after a cigarette.

It drains your bank account. I spend roughly £15 a week on smoking. If I was to quit smoking I’d be saving a massive £780 if you don’t include the nights out where you tend to smoke more. With that money, I could take my boys on that holiday we all desperately need. If Mr. Pie quit smoking too and we put the money we’d normally spend on cigarettes, we’d have over £1500 saved in just one year!


I have tried vaping quite a few times to try quitting smoking again, but it’s never worked. Mainly because the “vape” is far too strong or I’d forget to charge it.

Many friends of mine have successfully quit smoking through vaping and they’ve even managed to kick the vaping habit too.

I have recently been contacted by Vape AYR, who as of late 2017 will be releasing one of the most innovative vaping equipment sets I have ever come across.

This is because the actual vaping pen itself has so many brilliant qualities, nothing else on the market is quite like it. If you purchase one of their pens you can expect:

  • It will refill and recharge itself within its case – no more having to worry about putting your vape pen on charge, because the case will charge it for you when you’re not using it.
  • It comes with “capsules” that fill your vaping pen. Rather than trying to refill it and spilling your liquid everywhere, you simply pop in one of their capsules and go! The case refills your pen whilst you’re not using it.
  • The pen itself shows you how much you have vaped per session, and it will tell you about it’s “condition” and when a replacement pen is due.
  • The pen and the case combined are a really sleek, sophisticated design.
  • The liquids come in many different and popular flavors.
  • Most impressively in my eyes, it comes with an app that tells you exactly how much liquid you have left in that capsule, which flavor you have in there at that time and how much battery your case has left!

All of these points appeal to me, and although pricing is not clear on their website I think I’d definitely be happy to fork out for something that ultimately, might save my life.

The benefits of vaping.

First and foremost, your health. Although you will still be getting your nicotine hit, all of the other chemicals that you’d find in a cigarette are abolished. This also means that other people around you will benefit too.

You won’t smell of stale smoke. This is something that really appeals to me as I mentioned before. I hate the smell of smoke, and most smokers will say the same.

Your bank will thank you. After the initial payment for the kit, smoking a vape is virtually cost free apart from the liquid refills which don’t tend to cost much anyway.

Your taste and smell will improve. Smoking dumbs down your taste buds, so you probably won’t taste something the same way as a non-smoker would. My Dad, for example, he hasn’t been able to smell since he was in his late teens (nothing to do with smoking) and he was a smoker until about three weeks before I was born. He has admitted himself that even though his taste was heightened when he lost his sense of smell, he had never experienced taste properly until he quit smoking. Start enjoying food again!

Yours and your families safety. Most house fires are caused by a cigarette that wasn’t put out properly or one that has dropped onto a highly flammable surface like carpet or your cushions. There is no heat involved with vaping, and no risk of burning your house down.

So, have Vape AYR convinced me to try quitting smoking?

Honestly, I want to try. For mine, Mr. Pie and Dinky’s health. I can’t bear the thought of Dinky losing me at a young age.

-I don’t want to die, it’s just hard to kick the habit.

So when Ayr release their product in late 2017 I will be purchasing one of their kits, and in the meantime, I guess I’m going to just have to try and go it alone.

Why don’t you join me? Let’s not harm our loved ones anymore, let’s save ourselves some money and let’s save ourselves from let’s face it, one of the worst and most painful ways of dying.

This post is for review purposes and although I haven’t been given the product for testing, I have been paid to write this post. If you’re interested in checking out Vape AYR, visit their website at https://www.vapeayr.com/.

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