Road Safe: Tips for Women on a Road Trip

If you are planning a road trip, remember that traveling alone can be fairly dangerous. Women especially tend to be perceived as easy targets for muggers and thieves, so you need to be prepared for any possible unpleasant experiences you may encounter.  Here are some of the things you should consider before taking off on […]

Why It’s All About The IT

Back in the 1990s, information technology was nothing more than a webpage, dial up Internet and USB sticks. Fast forward two decades and the world of IT consists of the greatest technological advancements known to humankind. When running your business in the twenty first century, it is imperative that you have a sound grasp of […]

Boost Your Brand’s First Impression

The world’s gone into hyperdrive. It’s a place where people travel at a million miles an hour and barely have time for anything anymore, where attention spans have fallen into the milliseconds. Think about it for a moment. The microwave made cooking a thousand times faster, Netflix removed the need for people to leave the […]

Personalized Cart Door Mat Review

A little while back I was contacted by Jim from with the chance to review one of their items. As always with reviews, I was thrilled to browse through their plethora of items that you’re able to personalise. While there was some amazing items such as mugs, keychains, and pocket knives, I decided to […]