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Preparing Your Kids for the Future: Fun Life Skills Activities for Kids

Preparing Your Kids for the Future: Fun Life Skills Activities for Kids

Did you know that only 55% of high schoolers report feeling prepared for the world upon graduation? If you’ve got kids, then you’re likely always concerned about whether they’re developing the life skills needed for adulthood.

But what are the best life skills activities that are fun? Many kids are averse to learning important life skills because they seem more like lectures than enjoyable activities!

This quick guide will show you some of the best life skills activities that you can teach your children to prepare them for a better future.

Here are our suggestions for life skills activities for kids:



One of the biggest issues in the United States today is the quality of public education and the desire for school choice. When your children spend much of their time in school, they’ll only learn what the curriculum demands.

But with this approach, your children will become conformists and will not stand out as unique individuals in the world. As a result, you want to teach them how to self-study.

Sit with them to discuss a topic that they find interesting. Ask them to tell you about the topic and to “teach” a class about said topic. They’ll enjoy teaching the topic and this sets them up for a lifetime of learning on their own.

As a side note, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to homeschool your children if it’s not an option. There are many specialized schools that can offer a better quality of education. You should visit oakhillacademy.org to see what opportunities are available.

Table Manners

As your children grow older, they should learn how to be helpful around the dinner table. Ask them to set the table each night while the parents prepare the food.

They should also learn the basic etiquette of eating with cutlery etc. They also need to learn basic things such as not eating until everyone is seated etc.

As they grow older, make sure they offer to serve their parents before serving themselves. Ask them to join you in the kitchen so they can learn how to cook.

Financial Management and Economics

The most overlooked life skill to teach your kids is how to manage their money and how the economy works. You don’t have to teach them to be experts, but they should understand supply and demand, regulations, taxes, etc.

Teach them early on how it’s hard to earn money and easy to spend! Teach them how it’s important for them to save their money and invest it at a young age.

You want to ensure that they have financial freedom when they become adults.

Teach These Life Skills Activities

These life skills activities are fun and will help prepare your children for a much brighter future.

You want to start by teaching them to become auto-didactic. They should know how to learn subjects on their own. They should never solely depend on others for their education.

One of the most important etiquette skills is to teach them table manners. Make sure they also learn how to cook as they grow older. As a final step, make sure they know how to manage their money and how the economy works.

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