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Five Easy Ways To Make Money

Five Easy Ways To Make Money

Need to make money but want to do it easily? Sometimes we need quick access to a bit of extra cash, whether that’s for a boiler break down or a last minute birthday present. Here are five easy ways to make money.

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Switch To Another Bank

Banks are always after other bank’s customers and to achieve that they’ll offer attractive incentives to get customers to switch to another bank. As a customer, it might be worth taking advantage of the competition because some banks will offer free cash as part of the changeover. And these cash rewards can vary, with some giving a very generous £150-£200.


They may also offer some more lucrative rewards for being a new customer, so it’s a win-win situation for you. It’s always best though to check that you still get the same benefits as what you have with your current bank.


Try Out Online Surveys

When we’re asked to fill out a survey, our usual response will be ‘no thanks, I’m good.’ Who wants to spend their spare time giving feedback that might not be as quick as they make it out to be. However, there are websites that in exchange for filling out surveys, you can get paid for them! The surveys will vary according to the amount of time they’ll take, with the longer ones paying out more. The topics will also vary depending on your lifestyle, but with so many surveys available, you’ll be sure to find plenty of them with Vindale research reviews.


Flog Your Stuff Online

With so many websites that will buy your stuff, it seems like a wasted opportunity not to sell it when it comes to decluttering your home. Companies will buy your old mobiles and tech gadgets for a small fortune, especially if it’s in good condition. Some will even buy it if it’s damaged or broken, which is better for the environment too as you won’t have to throw it out.


You can also use eBay to sell all your unwanted clothing, books, CDs etc to a loving home. Some have even made a business from selling on eBay, so the opportunities for extra cash are endless.


Sell Your Story

Journalists for newspapers and magazines will often be running a variety of stories and may need to interview or hear a story related to that topic. And that’s where you come in! If you have something quite dramatic to tell like escaping death or have an extraordinary life story, they’ll pay a nice chunk of cash in exchange for it. The fee they offer depends on what budget they get, but it can be anywhere from £200-£2,000. So if you’re sitting on a juice tale, you might as well profit from it, as long as you want to of course.


With the addition of the world wide web, there are now plenty of opportunities to make quick cash very easily, including earning money from a blog. So try one of these out today, so it can go towards something special or just pays a bill!

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