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Make Sure You Fill In These Health And Safety Gaps

Make Sure You Fill In These Health And Safety Gaps

Are you running a business? If so, then you need to guarantee that health and safety are a top priority. Without the right health and safety standards in place, you will be leaving your business open to a massive variety of problems. For instance, it’s possible that you could be sued if someone is injured while working for your company and the accident could have been prevented. This is also going to damage your business reputation and make it far more difficult to get people to sign on as team members for your company in the future. So, let’s look at some of the gaps in health and safety that could impact your company. 

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Training Trouble

First, you should make sure that you are thinking about training. If there is an incident or accident in your business, usually it will be caused or at least related to human error. That’s why it’s important to make sure that everyone has the right health and safety training or certificates. For instance, if you are running a construction business, you need to make sure that your team members have completed CSCS tests. This will guarantee that they have the right knowledge to ensure and greatly reduce the chances of an accident occurring on a construction site that you are managing. 

No Health And Safety Officer

You should think about hiring a health and safety officer in your business if you have not already completed this step. A health and safety officer will make sure that different hazards are noticed and corrected as quickly as possible. The main aim of a health and safety officer is to make sure that an accident is effectively presented. This can be a current member of your team. Or, alternatively, you can hire another person who will fill this role in your business instead. 

No Legal Advisor 

Another point to consider is whether or not you have a legal advisor on your team. You should always have a legal professional to guide you. They can inform you whether you are leaving any gaps in your health and safety standards that you do need to fill in. They will also ensure that you are aware of any changes to the law that could make you more or less liable for an accident in certain situations. While a legal advisor is often going to be expensive, this is something that you can outsource instead of hiring a full team member. 

Low Standard Equipment

Finally, you do need to make sure that you are using the best equipment in your business model. If you don’t have the right equipment then it’s possible that it will lead to a significant accident. One of the ways that you can deal with this is by making sure that you take steps to source your equipment from the right supplier. While you can invest in second hand equipment for your business to cut costs, you will need to check it thoroughly. This is particularly important for heavy industrial business models. 

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